About Me

I'm Sherry (@MontanaSherryC), wife of Andy (the handsome woodworker over at Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking). I do love it when he comes in the house smelling of walnut. We're going on twenty years together (whoosh) and have two great kids, who you will read a lot about in these posts. Tano the Dude is now 15 and Sweet Ellie is 11. They are great, as you will see for yourself if you read very far.

I was always a city girl, comfortable in places like Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. I went to college at Biola University and taught high school English and history until my kids were born. In 2004, however, we had the crazy opportunity to buy my grandparents' house in the wilds of rural western Montana. We felt like God was making the arrangements, so we jumped at the chance, leaving behind pretty much everything we felt comfortable with. Now we live in a small, high mountain valley and are slowly becoming total hicks. Our little town of 1500 people looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting--but we don't live 'in town.'

I teach my kids at home now, after enrolling them in the local public school for many years. I LOVE being a home educator and do my best to enforce the good stereotypes while running far from the negative ones. We run a family business that makes our life both crazy and exciting, with lots of guests and lots of travel.

I like to write, to take photos, to research, to read and to sip green tea and chat with good friends. I love Jesus and strive to reflect Him, like the moon reflects the sun, to all around me. I am a seeker of beauty and truth. Beauty is not always truthful and the truth is sometimes less than attractive, but when I find the two of them together, that's where I try to narrow my focus.

Enjoy your time here. I'd love to get to know you a bit, too.