Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Significance of 42

I read the first four books of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy in college.  I have been a lifelong fan of Jackie Robinson.  I have been to Manhattan half a dozen times and am a fan of Broadway musicals.  In other words, I know that forty-two is a very important number.

So, it was with great anticipation that I approached my 42nd year.  Indeed, it did not disappoint.  Yesterday, I finished it out with a midnight sighting of the aurora borealis, a fitting close to a wonderful year.  The things listed below also happened the year I was 42.  They are only some of the more prominent highlights that stand out in my memory.  The list could be much longer and I am certain that I have left out some very important things.  What a joy to not even be able to remember all the wonderful things that I have experienced in this past year!

When I was 42, I:

Gained a niece

Taught an entirely online literature class for teens

Published and sold teaching curriculum online

Explored Lewis and Clark Caverns

Hiked/climbed a really scary old mining area

Saw my daughter baptized in the Bitterroot River 

Made a series of vintage travel posters that was featured in an art gallery

Got my first tattoo

Went to my first writer's conference and was encouraged

Added a cat to our family 

Got a real job with a title and a regular pretty paycheck and everything

Got a smart phone and iPad 

Drove 18,300 miles with the family in a single road trip

Jumped off dunes at White Sands National Monument

Drove through spectacular Monument Valley

Sat on the rim of the Grand Canyon to watch the sun rise

Saw The Lion King on Broadway

Took a Louisiana bayou swamp tour

Held a two year old alligator in my hands

Rode roller coasters all day with my family
Hiked Saguaro National Monument

Learned to eat crawfish in New Orleans

Instituted the Snoopy Cam

Watched my children both learn to be gainfully employed and work hard like adults

Walked through Central Park

Visited The Met and the Milwaukee Museum of Art

Ate at Oklahoma Joe's

Graduated to having two teenagers in my home

Taught my son to drive

Painted my house, inside and out

Saw the movie 42 

Found deep satisfaction in my life


Velynn Brown said...

I miss doing life with you. I'm on 40 and I am forever changed by this new season in my life.

Miss you Momma!!!


Montana Sherry C said...

I miss you! I didn't get enough years with you before we moved away. Forty was a great year for me, too. Enjoy yourself, girl. Love you.