Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

I love my kids, Pink Floyd and the Little Ghoul. I love that they stop to admire the decorations adorning the front porches--before even ringing the bell. I love that they make polite conversation with the person who answers the door.

After the standard "Trick or Treat," I heard my kids, again and again, say things like:

"How are you doing this evening?"


"Ok, well, thank-you. Have a good evening! Good-bye!"

And get this--once their bags began to fill up and feel heavy, they were done. They were ready to go back home. My son actually said, "I think we're ready to go now. This is enough." ENOUGH? What kid thinks there is ever enough?

Like I said, I love these kids.

Overheard as we walked along:


Elli: Wow, I just got a huge bag of Whoopers at that last place!

Tano: That's Whoppers, Elli.

Daddy: Come here; I'll give you a whoopin'.

Elli: DAD!!


Tano: Oh! My bag is getting sooo heavy!

Mama: Don't worry, buddy. After we collect our parental fees, it won't be nearly so heavy.

Tano: Parental fees? What fees? Are you guys going to take our candy?

Daddy: Of course we will take some. There are always fees to pay. Our time is not free, you know. Or did you think that we take you guys trick-or-treating every year in the cold out of love?

Mama: Out of love! That's a good one!

(loud, phony parental laughter reverberates in the crisp, night air)

Tano: So about those fees...are you guys seriously going to take some of our candy?

Mama: Yes, son, we seriously are. It's like paying taxes, buddy.

Tano: But taxes are only like five cents.

Mama: Oh, no, sweetheart. When adults pay taxes, it's more like twenty-eight percent of your paycheck.

Tano: Twenty-eight percent! That's crazy! That's way too much! I don't believe you for a minute!


Mama: The fees are assessed on a sliding scale based on need.

Daddy: Actually they are simple supply and demand. The bigger your supply, the more we will demand.


Elli: Daddy, can you carry my bag? It's getting heavy!

Tano: Mine, too?

Daddy: Sure, no problem. Oh, look! Is that the Milky Way?

(kids look up to the stars while Daddy peers and reaches into the candy bags)

Daddy: (reaching again) Oh, and there's the Big Dipper!

Mama: All I see, kids, is Daddy's big hand dipping into your bags.

Kids: DAD!!!


Jeannie said...

Hilarious! I actually laughed out loud! (Once in awhile I almost feel sorry for my grandchildren having parents such as you two!)

Sheila said...

Love the new blog look :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the parents had most of (all?) the fun. By the way, what was your fee in the end, 28%?
Your kids have the greatest parents. don't tell them that!
Uncle Ed.

Galit Breen said...

Love the vignettes and the FUN y'all have! Love!

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

LOVED how you walked us through your Halloween night ... and i have dipped plenty already!

Thanks for linking up to #BOO thoroughly enjoying meeting and greeting out in the blogosphere without candy sadly, but my *ss is thankful!