Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tano's First Love

I have never seen my son smile as much as he has these last few days. Mind you, Tano is not an angry or sullen kid; it's just that his personality is a little more subdued, especially when it comes to having his photo taken.

That was before the next door neighbors decided to offer the boy a pick up truck that has served only as a Montana lawn ornament for the past decade, in exchange for some manual labor around their property. It's an ugly beast of a truck, a 1978 Ford with peeling paint, torn upholstery, and rust to spare, but it's HIS ugly beast of a truck. That makes all the difference.

He has been working on it all weekend, cleaning it up, draining the fluids, pumping up and replacing tires. Even though it is not ready to start up yet (it is actually in fairly good mechanical condition), this afternoon he asked his dad if he could find a way to get it out of the neighbor's back yard and bring it home. Dad smiled. The boy needed his truck.

Tano has had a variety of friends over to help him work on the truck over the last few days, but he called one more to come and serve on the brute squad with them, as they would have to push it backwards uphill a short ways before they could roll it down to the driveway. After some effort, they succeeded.

I even put down my camera and helped push for the worst of it.

Once they got it out of the yard, they towed it behind our van down the road to our property. Tano beamed from ear to ear, just from the joy of sitting in the driver's seat, manning the steering wheel and brake.

Now the truck (which has yet to be named) resides in our front yard. Grandpa Tom came out to greet it and all the boys stood around talking about engines for quite a while.

It's starting to get dark outside, but the boy is still out there tinkering around.

It's been a good day.

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Jeannie said...

Rite of passage...Tano has joined a man's world.