Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Had Big Plans to Go Running Today...

...but I seem to have done something to my Achilles tendon by...uh...carrying groceries in from the car. I'm now sitting in the recliner with an ice pack, feeling very old.

I had big plans to go running yesterday, but I forgot that my schedule for the day would keep me away from home from noon until after nine o'clock at night, taxiing kids around and attending meetings. The morning was full already with my role as home educator. Running in the early morning, before school begins is really not workable for me, as it doesn't get light until almost 8:00 and the early morning air temperature in January in Montana doesn't appeal to me much at all.

I had big plans to go running Tuesday, but when 3:00 came, the time my daughter and I had arranged to head out, it had clouded over considerably; the wind had picked up; the temperature had dropped and snow was falling in that least appealing form, the tiny little hard pellets of snow (we called it 'corn snow' when I was a kid) that feel like miniature weapons when they hit your face. Sorry, I'm just not that hard core.

Maybe I will go running tomorrow.

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