Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: December 2010 vs. 2011




alison said...

Great pictures! Love the dogs. Is Drake looking a little thicker? Jack is a black sausage over here.

Lydia passed me a couple of years ago and Christopher shot past us both the summer after the fire. It does take boys that extra time, but then they go so fast.

Beautiful family.

Sherry C said...

Tano passed me while we were traveling last winter and is now within a quarter inch of his dad. Ellie is gaining fast. I'll be the short one very soon--something I'm not very accustomed to, but looking forward to greatly.

Drake is still his svelte, athletic self. Must be an odd angle. Fudge is still our little double-wide.

alison said...

Christopher is 6'1" and gets asked a lot if he's going to pass his dad. "That would be quite a feat!" he says. Based on the size of his hands and feet, I think he's giving it a run.

Sherry C said...

That's great. Christopher has an inch and a half on Tano right now, then, with T at 5'11" AND A HALF. But mine should be passing his father within the month. They currently wear the same shoe size, and at a month shy of 15 yet, methinks the boy has a bit of growing to do yet. Ellie is topping out at 5'4" this week, but I'm noticing that her 'long' jeans don't look so long anymore. Not yet too short, but not long either. We'll see. She is shooting for 5'10", one inch above me, but we don't really get to choose these things now, do we? If we did, I'm sure I would have stopped two inches ago.