Friday, December 16, 2011

Ellie's Choir Performance

Several weeks ago, Ellie was invited by the next door neighbor lady to join her choir as a special guest for the Christmas season. This is a Sweet Adelines barbershop group of adults. Ellie is eleven. They had already begun learning their Christmas songs when Ellie joined the rehearsals, so she was basically placed in the right group for her range (not with the neighbor lady who'd invited her), handed a song book, and encouraged to keep up. It was a huge learning curve. This is a group that competes around the country, occasionally even internationally. They know what they are doing. Their four part harmony is AWESOME. Ellie had a LOT to learn.

She kept up well enough. At every rehearsal, some of the women would sneak away to compliment me on my daughter--on her poise and on her singing ability. She was having so much fun.

Although the group performs regularly all over town at this time of year, tonight was the big performance at the mall, the one Ellie had been invited to join them for. It was great fun.

Here are some photos. If you are having trouble finding her, it may be because you are looking for a little girl. She brought 'young woman' to the event tonight instead. She is usually in the back row (except for the trio of her and the other guest girls), in a red sweater with a black drape over it.

Here you go:

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alison said...

Go Ellie! You look so poised and grown up! I can't wait to hear you.