Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Trying to Change the Subject

My husband and I both have a stomach flu today (as of Tuesday evening--posting a few hours early here). It's not pretty. Our son, Tano, just finished his bout with it and Ellie and Grandpa have not yet succumbed. I'm afraid there isn't really going to be a Thanksgiving dinner this year, since I was supposed to shop for groceries last night but was feeling just a little crummy and committed to going to the store first thing this morning. Well, the stomach flu erupted for both of us fairly simultaneously at about 5 AM, so going to the store was out for today. Now there isn't much time left to prepare food, even if I am feeling better tomorrow, and who knows if the other two are going to start their own fun times at any minute, putting us into Thanksgiving Day itself.


I don't think anyone would want to see any Wordless Wednesday images from what my life actually looks like today. Like I said, it's not pretty, friends. So, in a vain attempt to change the subject and quiet the awful gurgling and rumbling inside, I will post a pair of images from last week, a little something my daughter cooked up. Enjoy.

She would like to point out that she would have added yarn manes and tails but could only find green yarn and that just didn't work for her.


The Green House said...

Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

Happy WW & Turkey Day to you & yours!


Fever said...

This stomach flu posting, completely useful..