Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tut, Tut...Tutu Time?

Let's get one thing straight, right off. I never was the tutu-wearing sort of girl. From my earliest rememberances, I've always been more of the football-throwing, tree climbing sort of girl. The tutu was never on my radar--not even as a funny costume. But this post is not about frilly pink dance clothes.

This post is about my new attempt at making the blogging and social media world more approachable, more practical, more useful. In fact, I think each of us only write/visit blogs and participate in social media sites because we want the contact to be useful. We want it to apply to our lives and enrich them. We are fairly self-centered critters, when it all comes down.

Truth be told, perhaps we just want to have some excuse for spending way too much time here, so that when our husbands ask what we are up to, we can respond with something very important, like, "I just discovered placing a ball of tin foil in the dryer eliminates static cling, which means we never have to buy fabric softener again--and that saves us money!"*

Social media and blogging should be useful and helpful and enriching--or else we are just wasting our time here. All of us. I've been blogging for many years now and have a handful of blogging friends who are also my IRL friends, but am fairly new in the world of Twitter--a huge connecting point for hip moms such as myself...or rather, a huge connecting point for hip moms AND myself. It's a big world, though, and it's hard to narrow down whose content is really useful and practical for me.

And THAT is what this post is about. Scanning endless pins on Pinterest for the handful of treasures is one thing, but I'd like to have a handy clearing house for things that matter to me, things that apply to my life.

How are Tuesdays for you? Could we do a totally useful swap of information on Tuesdays? I like words, so humor me for a moment:

Totally Useful Tuesday

T.U. Tuesday.



Tut, tut?

I know it's kind of silly, but play along with me here. It's way more fun to be silly together than alone. Every Tuesday, I will post a topic that is totally useful to me (how's that for self-absorbed?) If it is also a topic that would be totally useful to you, then post your own link here and we'll have a little linky party (my husband laughs every time I say linky--he has a hard time believing it is a real term), share useful information and enjoy getting to know one another a bit better.

Are you in? Cool.

This week's topic is parenting teens. I have one who is fully there and one who is teetering on the edge, like an X-Games athlete on the edge of a half-pipe, about to drop in. (See? I'm trying to enter into teen culture.) What is working for you? Or, if you have already graduated out of those years, what has worked for you? In this crazy world of information overload and media saturation, it is hard to raise kids well. Am I right?

So link up a post from your own blog here and we'll all chime in about the crazy cool successes (even if they are rare) regarding raising teens--totally useful information to those of us with big kids.

Here's the linky. Tut, tut, Happy Tutu Time! It's Totally Useful Tuesday. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, if you hang out there. Thanks.

*BTW, that ball of tin foil trick is completely true. I found it on Pinterest and tried it and it totally works. Score. Yes, Honey, my time spent online is totally useful. This tin foil ball thing just saved us...um...about $25 per year. Ok, maybe that's not very much, but I'll keep surfing and maybe I'll find something REALLY good!


Lynn MacDonald said...

Hey. so i write about my kids constantly and they're 22,20 and 18. So, if you want to know about fucked up teenagers, give me a shout out.

also, feel free to submit to "go ahead, amuse me" cuz i can tots see that you're funny!!!!

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Leaving my comment for your old post here too ... the more comments the merrier - right?
and see you have met Lynn, her and I are good friends! (in spite of being described as chalk and cheese)
Now i have to find an old post to link up to you as well!!!!
my work is never done ;)

*** Wow, what a memory - he will never forget that day and you will never forget that shared smile of conspiracy ... the two survivors.
Just love this and thank you for linking this into Time Travel Tuesday - what a great post to share!