Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nineteen Years

Nineteen years.

Nineteen years ago, a gallon of gas cost a whopping dollar and five cents.

Nineteen years ago, the first George Bush was president and Disney's Aladdin was the top-grossing movie of the year.

Nineteen years is longer than Johnny Carson has been out of the late night TV lineup.

Nineteen years is longer than I'd been alive when I finished my freshman year at college.

But somehow my calendar is claiming that, as of today, I've been married nineteen years. That's ninety-six times as long as Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted, in case you're counting.

I thought a person who'd been married nineteen years would be old. Boy, was I wrong.

It has been a wild ride at times, yes.

We have seen some difficult years, yes.

It has been wonderful, something I wouldn't trade for anything, yes.

We went out for an incredible dinner last night at The Silk Road in Missoula. The food was spectacular--really some of the best I've ever had--and the wine was top notch. The ambience in the restaurant is warm, rich and inviting, but was completely upstaged by the view, as we were sitting upstairs by the big picture windows, looking out at the heavy falling snow lit by the streetlights--I don't know what could have beat that.

We talked about anything and everything: the food, the beautiful snow, the years that have gone by, the food, the last two anniversaries spent in Denver as we traveled with the Woodworking Shows, the early years of marriage, the food, the snow, and sometimes we just talked about the food. And the snow.

After dinner and the most amazing dessert EVER (plum wine sorbet--who woulda thunk?), we went for a walk over the bridge right next to the restaurant. It didn't take very many minutes of watching ice floes in the river to realize we were cold and quickly becoming covered with the fat flakes of snow, so we called it a night and headed home. It was a really nice evening.

Then today after church, Andy and I meandered the Missoula Art Museum and took our time wandering through the Ansel Adams exhibit, all 132 pieces of it. It was great.

While there, however, we received a frantic call from Ellie informing us that Tano was sick. He was apparently tossing his proverbial cookies, worshipping at the porcelain throne, yawning in technicolor, experiencing a reversal of fortune or whatever else you might wish to call it. We sighed and made our way home. Nineteen years ago, we would never have had our date cut short by the needs of a sick child, but nineteen years ago, we didn't have the wonderful children that we have now. Only a few years ago, we would not have gone out on a Saturday night and then gone out again on Sunday afternoon with no thought of expensive babysitters. We smiled. We have it pretty good.

Tano has been a very sick boy all afternoon and into the evening. He is finally sleeping now-- a relief to us all--but we can't help but wonder who might be next.

But hey, we had an awesome dinner with a beautiful view, a walk in the snow to look down over an icy river, and a relaxing visit to a photography exhibit at an art museum. I'd say we had a great anniversary. Next up, the big 2-0.

If we didn't have to be old to have been married nineteen years, then I suppose twenty isn't any big deal either. Bring it on.


Jeannie said...

Congratulations, "kids"!

Anonymous said...

An an amazing example of a partnership you are as well. Congratulations. Thanks for the gift you are to each other and to those others who touch your lives. Melissa T.

Amber said...

Sorry Tano-boy is sick! What a rough way to end the weekend. Sounds like you two had a wonderful time, though. We spent $40 on a babysitter Saturday night so I am looking forward to that time when we can leave the kids and go! :)
Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a beautiful day that was!