Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Wow. Tonight has been different. I finished the last of the quarter's public speaking classes, didn't have to take a carload of kids to Missoula for youth group, and now don't have to come up with a 31 Days post.

Whatever will I do with all this freedom?

So far, I have put it to great use, sitting with my son and strategizing on how to better use his school time to make sure he is getting all of his work done and still getting to enjoy some time with friends. It was so great to actually watch him getting excited about writing out a workable schedule in his planner. He says he was partly inspired by watching my 31 Days improvements, and partly by his health class, wherein the students were encouraged to get into a somewhat regular routine of how they spend their time, in order to cut down on stress.


Off to enjoy my freedom now. Funny that I still feel the need to check in with you all in the evening, even when I don't have to. I could have taken a whole day off!

If you could spend an evening at home any way you wish, what would you do?

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