Friday, November 04, 2011

Ellie Makes Math Easy

Actually, Ellie struggles with math. She has for awhile now. It just doesn't come that easily to her and she gets frustrated when she doesn't pass her unit tests again and again. The problem is, though, that she DOES understand when I go through it with her. But between careless mistakes, not bothering to check over her work carefully, insisting on doing much of the work (inaccurately) in her head, and a poor grasp of basic facts, plus a newly developing anxiety every time a unit test comes along, she is not doing well and getting increasingly stressed out.

Two nights ago, I reached out to a bunch of math whiz types on Twitter, asking for some advice. Before I heard back from any of them, however, I had an idea.

She should stop taking tests over her current work for awhile and instead teach other kids the things she already knows. I approached her with the idea of making a series of funny math videos for kids. She was ALL OVER IT.

This is what resulted today:


Tina Hollenbeck said...

Great idea! Maybe she'll be the next Khan Academy!

On a different tack, have you ever looked into Life of Fred math? I am still using Math-U-See with my girls, but recently added LOF, and they love it. We started at the beginning so it's more of a review now, but they enjoy it so much and I've heard wonders, especially of right-brained kids really understanding math with the LOF approach. Might be something to consider. :^)

Sherry C said...

Tina, we've been using Life of Fred for the past two years and love it, but she's running into major roadblocks this year, for some reason. She still likes the format of the book, but can't seem to pass the unit tests (called Bridges), even though she's confident that she understands the material. She is really frustrated.