Friday, October 07, 2011

Day 7: Help! I'm Cleaning & Organizing and I Can't Stop!

I wanted to bring you a post today about non-cleaning and organizing tasks as I emerge from my chaos. I had a pile of items set out that needed to be delivered to places all over town--things I've borrowed and not returned. I had some business matters that needed immediate attention...a long time ago.


Would you believe I got caught so caught up in housework that I forgot to do any of those other things? True. Isn't that the craziest confession you've ever heard? Wow. What a change in a week. I have become obsessed, it seems, with getting my house in shape. This week has been all about the kitchen and dining room and has not involved much "straightening up," but rather I have started with the infrastructure, the insides of drawers and cupboards and moved outward to the clutter on the counters and table tops. The dining room isn't quite finished--a bit of clutter remains on the window sill that I haven't found homes for yet--but I am well on my way, friends.

Well on my way.

By popular demand, I am posting a few photos this evening. I'm really sorry that I didn't post any before pics. I should have. They would have been so dramatic--trust me. The problem is that my wide angle lens for my camera got broken and now I am stuck with only a big telephoto. If you know anything about manual photography, you know that it is impossible to shoot small, close spaces with a big lens. You simply can't get back far enough to show the room. When readers began to clamor for photos, I was already mostly done with these two rooms. I had to borrow my daughter's little camera, but I took some after photos. I think I will print them and post them on the refrigerator to remind myself of what a peaceful little home I have, simple and humble but nice--when it's clean.

So here you go. Photos. Oh, and I also got a fair amount of really useful research done today--really important stuff that I can't wait to share with you, but I will wait until later in the month and tell you about it with great excitement as a personal reward if I can manage to accomplish my goals with this series. I also spent quite a bit of time with my dear daughter, pictured here. She is such a great kid. I shared with her a post I'd written here four years ago. It made her and I both cry lovey tears and spend lots of time hugging. It was wonderful.

Ok, the photos:

(Note the credenza against the wall and the chair that can't pull out far enough because of it. And no, we can't just pull the table out any further; the chair my Ellie is sitting in here is already on the tile of the entry way. See the front door behind her?)

(Don't you just love the wet countertop in the foreground above? Freshly wiped! And there are my Week One Goals from Day 2, posted on the fridge.)

(And yes, that is wall-to-wall carpet, straight out of 1976 in the kitchen. We bought the house from my grandparents and are in the process of doing a little remodeling. More than a little. Don't carpet a kitchen. Ever.)


Larry said...

Wow, it looks so peaceful and calm. Nice job.

Simply Sandi said...

Oh Sherry, it looks beautiful! You are doing a wonderful job of cutting the chaos!! I am out of town this weekend, celebrating a family birthday. With your visual inspiration, I can't wait to get home and dig right in!! Keep it up, Girl!! XO

Sherry C said...

Thanks, Dad and Sandi, for your nice comments. They encourage me to keep going. Dad, you've seen it, but Sandi, can you imagine how small that kitchen feels when it is filled with clutter and dirty dishes? It really does feel and look twice as big now than it did a week ago. Sandi, I can't wait to hear about your progress.

Alana in Canada said...

I promise not to carpet the kitchen!

Hooray for photos! Thank you.

It is wonderful onceyou get on a roll of purging and cleaning, isn't it? Can you imagine what the end of next week might look like?

Sherry C said...

Ooh, yes, Alana, I am already excited about the 'after' photos of the living room for next Friday night. I took 'before' pics this morning so you all will get to be amazed (and amused).

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Keep up the good work! And be sure to take "before" pics of the next area you tackle; these rooms look great and, from your written description earlier, it's obvious they're much-improved. But the change will be even more dramatic for us if we see before pics of other areas. :)

Sherry C said...

Tina, the 'before' pics for the living room have been taken. Plans are being formulated. It's sooo bad now, but this week is going to see some very dramatic changes. VERY dramatic.

Gale said...

Wow...way to go!