Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day 8: Um, About that Carpet...

This is the first of the four Saturday nights we will have together in this 31 Days project. Each Saturday night, I hope to go over the previous week's goals and evaluate where I've succeeded and failed, what needs to be continued and what needs to be re-evaluated. In addition, I would like to hear from you, dear reader-friends, as to how you have done with your goals, whether they've been posted here as photos or not. Just post your week's summary in the comments section for today.

Here's how my week has gone, when measured up to the goals posted on Day 2:

- Accomplish 3 notable things per day (CHECK!)

- Finish work by 8 PM/Relax with kids (This happened most every night, but there were two nights that I worked through that deadline. I'll keep the goal as is.)

- Kids bedtimes (We did pretty well with these, but youth group nights are difficult--I'll keep the goal as is.)

- Blog 9:30-10:30 (several nights I went half an hour longer than this. I should start at 9 PM when I send the kids to get ready for bed.)

- Relax with Andy 10:30-11:00 (I didn't always achieve this, but would like to keep the goal.)

- In bed at 11 PM (Hmm...don't think I did this more than once, but I would like to keep trying.)

- Up no later than 7 AM (On the nights that I went to bed late, I stayed in bed for a couple of snooze bars, but would still like to keep trying for this goal. I did come pretty close, even when I was tired.)

- Go running three times. (I only ran once. It rained steadily for most of the week, so I didn't go, but the sun did come out today and things dried up, so I could have gone, but I didn't. I'll keep the goal.)

- Breakfast at 8 AM at the table. (CHECK! Every day of the school week, and they were GOOD breakfasts every day!!)

- Morning devotions five times (CHECK! We had Bible time as a family every week day after breakfast. Love this!)

- Start school at 9 AM (every day but one, keeping the goal)

- Slow-cooker meals (CHECK! There was one day that I didn't do it, but I had leftovers to serve from the night before, so it was all good. We ate well this week.)

- Have kids help with dishes daily (No. This didn't work at all. The kids can certainly do chores, but not this one because it happens at certain times of the day when they are unavailable. Their schedules are just too busy. When I do the breakfast dishes, they are doing school, and when I do the dinner dishes, they are off at activities or doing homework. Scratch this one from the goals list. I will still make them do other chores, just not dishes.)

In other news, it is a good thing that I took 'before' photos this morning of the living room. I went a little crazy cleaning out cluttered corners. I had meant to take the MESS of the living room at a casual pace over the course of the week, but then my husband did something that made me kick it into high gear.

He began ripping out the carpet.


If you saw yesterday's photo of the kitchen floor, you know about my wall-to-wall printed red carpet (circa 1976). Well, when Andy saw the post, I think something in him snapped. We've been tolerating that carpet since we moved in seven years ago. We left it, thinking we would take care of the floors when the addition to the house is complete--then we can do all the floors at once. Well the addition is getting closer to completion--probably within the year--but it is definitely not done yet. But the carpet is going away now, no matter what. The kitchen and dining room carpet is already gone, thanks to Super Andy and his crew of kids. They had it pulled up and the subfloor scraped clean and swept in about 25 minutes flat. Wow. He wanted to start right in on the living room's orange shag next, but I told him that it just wasn't practical--there was too much clutter still in the room.

He and the kids went back out to the construction site to work the day away there, and I got busy in the living room. With one more day of work in here, I should be ready for him to rip out that U.G.L.Y carpet. The bare particle board underneath is not going to be attractive, even with an area rug coving the center of the floor, but our feeling is that even an ugly unfinished floor is better than the terribly worn and outdated carpet. After all, a bare subfloor is a sign of a project in progress and worn out 70's carpet is just...worn out 70's carpet. Bleh.

So, as I said, it's a good thing I took 'before' photos this morning. I had no idea what kind of crazy change the day was going to bring. I do think my living room, even at the end of today, looks WAY bigger than it yesterday (you'll see the 'before' and 'after' photos soon). It's not quite doubled yet, like my kitchen was after the thorough decluttering job it got on Day 4, but it's coming close. Maybe by Monday. Plus, I have to get at my non-cleaning and organizing anti-chaos tasks.

How about you? Are you making progress? Are you emerging from your chaos? I sure hope so. My new set of goals will be posted tomorrow. I would love to hear about (or better yet, see in a photo) your goals, too. Journey on, friends.

Oh! And I forgot to tell you: I sold an unused piece of furniture on Craigslist today for $50. Woo-hoo!

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Alana in Canada said...

Oh my. I'm impressed with your husband getting on board so thoroughly with you!
You've given me the idea to do a thorough report on my goals on my blog: but I am more than happy with what I've done this week, really. Thanks for the accountability!