Monday, October 03, 2011

Day 3: Your Goals for Week One

Well, either I was mistaken in how many readers I have here, or y'all are just really busy and possibly living in your own crazy pits of chaos. I had asked for some reader interaction yesterday, hoping you might set some small, attainable goals for yourselves like I have done for this week, and then send me the photos of your lists. I received one. But hey, that's not to say you aren't working toward emergence with me, I suppose. It's just that only one person was able to get an image to me.

So here, as promised, is a reader submitted image. You'll want to click to enlarge, for sure. This comes from Alana in Canada, who blogs over at Prairie Home Therapy, and she is showing us her ideal morning routine.
Alana says: Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to participate. It will be interesting to see what people will try to do! The routine also includes things my daughter needs to do so I used a post-it to "blank" out her name.
Apparently, the 'swish and swipe' is a Flylady thing. It must involved some cleaning project, I would think. I'm glad the Flylady approach works for a lot of people. I've tried it out, but I have learned about myself that I don't want someone else to tell me what to do--and especially not in lots of email notifications. I want to be self-motivated...hmmm...perhaps this is also a part of the problem, come to think of it. Changing the subject, the morning routine looks great, Alana. I really hope you can stick to it. We'll be asking you on Saturday night how the week has gone, if you feel you need to make any modifications to this schedule and if you feel this is something that was helpful, something you'd like to continue.

If anyone else would still like to put their goals out here for the world to see and cheer you on, I'll still post reader photos again tomorrow. After tomorrow, though, you'll have to hold your Week One Goals and I will post them on Monday of Week Two--along with my next set of steps to add.

It's all in the steps, isn't it? If chaos has become a pit for you, like it has for me, then think of the ladder you will need to climb out. Label the rungs, one by one. For me, like Alana, the first rung of the ladder is scheduling. A basic schedule, even a flexible one, allows me to have some accountability for my time. I don't want to get to the end of the day and have to admit to you all that I was lazy. So, here's the basic report for today:

Morning routine:

I got up at 7:00, put dinner's main dish in the slow cooker (pork chops, apples and rice--yummy!) made a good breakfast full of protein for my family, woke everyone up and we met together at the dining room table, dressed and ready for the day at 8:00. After breakfast, we had some Bible time as a family. As the kids started on their school work, I got busy on the breakfast dishes in between spurts of helping or discussing with them. WooHoo! We did it all, just like the little paper on the refrigerator says!

Evening routine:

I worked in a needed visit with an old friend for much of the evening, which was great, and didn't get home until 9:15. I hadn't spent the evening relaxing with my kids, as scheduled, but my daughter came with me to spend time with my friend's daughter, and my son was swamped with big homework assignments due tomorrow, so he wasn't available anyway. I did spend the scheduled time with the kids last night and the night before. When I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, I found that my father-in-law (who lives with us) had done the supper dishes! What a guy! If he wasn't such an early-to-bed guy, I would have gone into his bedroom and kissed him! I'll have to remember to do that tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, I did several loads of laundry (even folded and put away!) and kicked some serious backside in my kitchen. I cleaned off the top of the microwave. I got rid of all the odd things sitting in the corners of the counter-tops. I put the extra muffin tins, coffee carafes, water pitchers, etc. out into storage, as I don't use them much when our woodworking classes are not in session and last week we finished for the season. I cleaned out the little space between the sink faucet and the wall, which always becomes a storage place for paint brushes which were washed and left to dry. I cleaned out the pencil can corner which becomes so cluttered with an amazing amount of junk. I even rearranged the dishes drying rack on the counter so that it gives me a little more counter space--something at a premium in my tiny 'one-butt' kitchen/cockpit (did you know that how many backsides fit at one time is the standard system of measurement for kitchens?). I rescued an old forgotten box of wide-mouth jar glass lanterns I'd made and abandoned years ago, cleaned them up, put fresh candles in them, and them up in a pretty row along the front of the house, just waiting for the time when I feel comfortable having a bunch of people over for an evening party. Doing something to beautify my home, and eliminating a box of clutter at the same time? AWESOME. Oh, and I made a batch of brownies.

I still wasted some time online today, but I was no slacker, either. So, coming home to find the dishes had already been done for me, I didn't have have any qualms about declaring that my work for the day was done, and I could sit down with my cup of tea to blog.

Is that at least three notable tasks accomplished today? I think so. I can be done for today. I feel good. I am going to love having to report to you like this, for between the knowledge that you are watching, and that posted declaration on the refrigerator, I am feeling uncomfortable sitting still for too long. If I see something that I could do without much effort, I do it. Yes, I am still fighting the laziness, as you can see by the phrase "without much effort" in that last sentence, but I am making progress, I think. Just as nutritionists will tell you that, for best results, weight loss should be somewhat gradual with new habits built in to replace old ones, the emerging from the chaos thing needs to move at a manageable pace for me. I need to just keep making progress. I still have 28 days to whip my life into shape. I'm in no rush today.

Time to see if my husband can be done for the day so we can sip a few ounces of red together, get to bed (almost) on time, and tackle another day tomorrow.

Oh, I hear him coming in the door now! Goodnight!


Alana in Canada said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Just for the record, and not that it matters, really, but I don't "do" flylady, either. I tried, but it turns out I have a huge rebellious streak that is better left unengaged.
See ya tomorrow.

Gale said...

I won't be photographing it, but I'll be blogging about my list and will send you the link next Monday...provided I remember.

Written out lists don't work for my post will be about internalizing my schedule. :-)

Sherry C said...

Sounds great, Gale! I look forward to reading your post.