Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: More Follow-Through and Some Quality Time with Napoleon--Dynamite!

If you are a strict vegetarian as a result of moral convictions, you may wish to look away for a moment. Come back after several paragraphs have gone by. So y'all know that my son raised hogs for 4-H this year, right? It was a first for this urban-turned-rural family, for sure, and produced many funny stories here on the blog. (Here's my favorite of the bunch.) It has also produced many meals of tasty pork dishes, as we kept half of one of the hogs to put in the freezer.

Tonight was Tano's fall open house for his filmmaking classes, so his documentary on BMX riding was premiered along with the other students' films and a variety of other visual mass media arts pieces. I remembered (finally--more of that follow-through thing again)to bring a cooler down the valley with me this time so I could stop by the meat packer to pick up the rest of the hog--the cured meats like hams and bacon--that took longer than the rest of the meat, which was picked up over a month ago. Our cured meat has been ready for two weeks now, with me forgetting to bring a cooler with which to pick it up every time I go down to that area. Today, I finally remembered. Tomorrow morning, bacon. Oh, yeah.

While in town, we also managed finally to turn in the bags of outgrown clothes we've collected to a thrift store. The four large trash bags of donations have been sitting by the front door for nearly a week now, cluttering up both my house and my brain. They're gone now. Good riddance. Check that off the list, too.

All of us were going to the open house tonight to see The Boy's documentary and I was determined to have a hot meal waiting for us when we got home, so the ribs (compliments of Napoleon, the pig) that I'd forgotten about yesterday went into the crockpot today. By the time we got home at 7 PM, they were falling off the bone. I am not generally a ribs girl, but these were awesome and my hands were a sticky mess within minutes. I wish I could take credit for the flawless preparation and say that I rock as a chef, but really, it was just four and a half hours on high and a bottle of BBQ sauce that did the work. Funny that this reformed city girl doesn't feel an ounce of remorse about eating the meat from the pig we raised from the time he was a little bacon bit. Not an ounce. Not one little morsel. Napoleon is one tasty pig.

Ok, you can come back now, faint-hearted vegetarian friends.

In other news of accomplishments, I did manage to bring on a decor coordinator for our big event. I know what a well-done room looks like; I have no problem recognizing it and distinguishing it from a poorly -done room, but she knows how to make it happen, how to take a blank slate and make it awesome. In addition, she knows how to be creatively frugal and use relationships all over the valley to come up with all sorts of solutions. And she's on my team now. I'm happy to hand over the reins. Oh, yeah.

The morning routine went well, as it usually does these days. I did the breakfast dishes as the kids started their school work and the school day ran fairly smoothly. At this point in the evening, I'm on track for putting in some time on my ugly bedroom and still getting to bed on time, too.

I only have four days left of October. I am going to kick it back into high gear and finish strong. My goal was to actually emerge from the chaos of my former lifestyle--get the house cleaned out entirely, take care of old business that has been overlooked and establish a new routine filled with new and healthier habits, all within the span of this one month. I'm going to do it.

With Napoleon's help. Mmm...bacon.

Signing off.

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