Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Following Through Feels Good

I often get big ideas of really cool things I'd like to do. You might have noticed. Friday of last week, I had another cool idea, totally unrelated to all the other things I am working on this month. I decided I was going to surprise someone with something special, in a way that person would never have expected. I began taking initial steps toward pulling it off.

I was afraid, really, that I wouldn't be able to complete it on time (it is a time sensitive situation), but I really wanted to, so I kept working toward it, even though this is really a very busy time for me. You might have noticed that, too.

Today was the day. It had to happen today or it would flop and fizzle and not work at all. I still had several steps to take before it could be completed. I really didn't know if I could get it done, but I kept working at it, bit by bit, in and around educating my kids all morning.

Wonder of wonders, I did it. I pulled it off. I won't reveal the details here because it is just between me and God and the other person. We've been reading as a family in the sixth chapter of Matthew, in the Bible, where Jesus again and again encourages his followers to not be consumed with doing things for the praise and attention of other people. We've come to love the sentence he repeats again and again in regards to this kind of behavior, "I tell you the truth; they have their reward in full." So this was a project I wanted to do in secret, a project only for the eyes of the One who sees in secret.

And I did it. I thought of a cool project, I did all the work to put it together, and I completed it in a timely manner. Best yet, outside of my family members who witnessed my efforts, no one knows about it. I did it from my heart as a way to show my gratefulness to God for all He has done for me, not for the praise it could win me.

Completing a big project, for me, is a sign that I am indeed emerging from the chaos. Although I am busy right now, I have a renewed brain for follow-through. That is serious progress, friends, as I am usually so scattered in a million directions that great ideas rise and fall without much action taken.

And how satisfying it is to do something in secret! I could get seriously hooked on this gig.

What could you do for someone this week? I dare you. Try something cool that will really encourage someone, follow through and get it done--and don't tell anyone, not even me, and the God who sees in secret will reward you. Go for it!

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