Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25: Top Ten for Today

1. I stayed up until 1:30 AM last night, brainstorming on our big adoption fundraising event. Dumb.

2. It is now after 11 PM and I am just starting to blog. Not good after last night's late night session.

3. I went to an adoption support group's advisory board tonight and they are going to get behind our event. Woo-Hoo!

4. I am really tired.

5. My kitchen is clean, but the table tops are starting to get cluttered again. Must fix that tomorrow.

6. After teaching my public speaking class from 2:30-5:40 today, I still managed to pull a homemade sit-down dinner (that I hadn't planned ahead like I'm supposed to) out of a hat to serve before my husband, my daughter and her friend had to leave the house at 6:30. I was a crazy cyclone of a woman in the kitchen, but it turned out to be pretty good, despite my lack of forethought.

7. My son has spent all of his spare time this week (and some of his supposed school work time, when I've been distracted and haven't noticed) learning how to make terrible fake wounds on himself with special effects makeup. They have been truly disgusting and it has been easy to reward him with the totally-grossed-out reactions he is looking for.

8. My daughter has been arranging her Barbie dolls and G.I.Joe action figures in the refrigerator every time my back is turned so that I am startled every time I open the door. Last I checked, there was a very 'ripped' shirtless man on one knee, proposing to a woman in a frilly ball gown between the gallon of milk and the tub of sour cream. On a lower shelf, a man in camo hunting attire and a woman in a 70's pantsuit were sitting side by side, propped against a tube of Pilsbury biscuits, apparently lost in deep conversation. Another couple appeared to be seeking some privacy behind the mayonnaise and mustard in the door.

9. My chocolate Lab, Fudge, is not so bright, and borders on just-plain-nutso.

10. I made chocolate chip cookies with slices of Snickers bars inside them this morning on a whim, just because I saw them on Pinterest. They were incredibly good. Between my family and my daughter's friends and my public speaking class, they are all gone now.

That's it! Goodnight, friends.


alison said...

Perhaps it should be 62 or 93 or - however many - days of emerging to keep you checking back in and staying accountable to us :) and yourself through the blog.

Like you said, you can get through anything, even a 31 day challenge of putting your house in order. :) The ongoing challenge will be maintenance and finding a way to make it work when you have other projects that require a lot of time and effort.

It's great that you kept it short tonight and hopefully went to bed right after writing.

I hope you aren't perceiving the last couple of days as failure, because it's not.

You're doing so well!

alison said...

Those cookies sound seriously good.

Sherry C said...

Alison, yes, I've already had the thought (with a fair amount of panic): What will I do when the 31 Days is over? How will I keep the plates spinning?

I will continue on with my regular blog, but will post periodic updates for you all, as a way to keep myself accountable. Maintenance is the key.

No, I'm not perceiving myself as a failure, but for the sake of my faithful readers, I do wish I could pull out a little more quality writing, even on these crazy busy days.

The cookies were awesome.

Sharla said...

First of all, your youngest is hilarious! Wish I had Barbies left at our house right now. Just baby dolls left I think, and that would be creepy. That reminds me, we have life-size cut-outs of Frankenstein and his Bride (holding Pepsi cans - now you know why)that we move about the house this time of year in hopes of getting a yelp or two. Time to dig those out.

Second, don't let the desire for accountability to become a new, lengthier demand in a life you are trying to declutter. I was just fine with the Top 10! Clear, funny and hopefully useful to you. Useful being the operative word.

alison said...

Quality, shmality. It's fine.

And I'm working on something myself. Busy with an emotional eight year old...and an emotional sixteen year old. Thank God Birdie is happy and fine.