Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24: The Important vs. the Exciting

I got a ton of work done on our adoption fundraiser today. I booked the band, arranged for some volunteer servers, thought through some decor and logistics concerns, and...the big one...I designed the invitation. It will be ready to send off to the printer's tomorrow.

However, I did not pay enough attention to my daughter's school work and she managed to get all the way to volleyball practice without me noticing that she hadn't taken her equine science test (the one she also 'forgot' to take on Friday without me noticing).

In addition, I failed to finish the breakfast dishes, leaving what is now a sink of slightly soapy cold water with a few dishes and all of the silverware in the bottom. Oh, and I didn't sweep the floors.

And, worst of all, I didn't make any dinner. None. As I was heading out the door to take Ellie to volleyball at 4:45, I realized that there wasn't any dinner for the rest of the family we were leaving behind. Grrrr. I totally blew that one. There weren't even any leftovers; Andy had to take his dad and Tano to Subway.

I'm trying to get all these wonderful new habits together, but throw one big event, something outside of my regularly scheduled programming, into the mix and I fall back into my old ways. I play at whatever is the most interesting and urgent-feeling and forget about all the important, but not as exciting things.

I would love to get to the point where I find so much personal satisfaction in the successful completion of the mundane, but important tasks that I actually find them exciting. Maybe then I would focus on them more, even when something really cool, like planning a big event comes up.

I'm still making good progress, friends, so I'm not going to beat myself up too much over a less than stellar day like today. Really, it's progress just to feel the let down of not doing what I'd set out to do, instead of just blowing it off like I would have been prone to do in the past.

I'll keep this fairly short tonight. I have dishes to finish, a floor to sweep, and groceries to put away.

I'll try again tomorrow. Chin up. Journey on, friends.


By Word of Mouth Musings said...

One day at a tme.
Make little goals, put them on post it notes ... and balll them up with satisfaction.
But strive to achieve one extra thing in the morning and one in the afternoon - its way less daunting - trust me!

Sherry C said...

Update: While I finished this post, my dear husband
(who himself worked late into the evening) put away the groceries AND did the dishes. I only need to sweep the floor and finish my wine. He deserves a gold star, don't you think?

The Taskers said...

Gold star for sure! And, girl, I don't think anyone every "gets used" to finding full satisfaction from achieving just the mundane in life - says she who has 5 loads of clean and dry (and now very wrinkly) laundry piled in the TV room (for 3 days now) which needs to be put away. But I can still find my 3-year-olds undies in the pile, so who needs it in drawers!

Cook double dinner tomorrow and freeze one, then you'll have it waiting for another busy day!

alison said...

This is great:

1. Recognizing that you tend to hyper-focus on big, fun things

2. Forgiving yourself

3. Committing to trying again

Well done.

Jeannie said...

I conclude that you chose the most important over the very important, and the bonus was that the most important was also very fun and exciting. What a treat!

Alana in Canada said...

This is me to a "T." That's why I decided that I had to develop habits, routines. We're all at different points in the journey. You will figure out how to handle it. I took courses in time management and paper clutter and organizing to figure it out. I'm still a work in progress. (But progress is fine!) Congrats on getting that fundraiser organized! That's a huge accomplishment.