Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15: Living Room Before and After

Last night's post was brief and to the point, as a little more chaos entered into my world with my mom's minor heart attack. Many thanks to those of you who have prayed for her and my dad. She is still in the hospital at this point, awaiting more tests, but I suppose it is good to have a heart condition brought to attention while it is still minor, like this, than not knowing anything until it is major and the effects devastating. She is fairly young and in good health, so it came as a big shock to us all. It is hard to be so far away.

Isn't it the same with our own hearts, spiritually speaking? Isn't it always better to realize we have a 'heart condition' when it is still small and can be dealt with, than to ignore it for so long that it becomes a major issue? Just a thought.

But back to the topic at hand...

I borrowed a camera from my kids again and snapped a few pictures of my living room, which has undergone a fairly significant transformation this week. Here are the shots from last Saturday morning and the shots from this Saturday morning. I don't know if it comes off well in these photos, but the change is fairly dramatic in person, remembering, of course, that we are dealing with a small and humble home that is in the midst of a remodel. The last 'after' photo is from a different angle, but I couldn't resist showing you the long view. I'm so pleased with it.









What a difference a week makes, huh? I went so far as to go ahead and invite a family over for dinner tonight, and you know what? Other than a quick once-over in the bathroom, I just have to concern myself with the meal! How cool is that!

Chapter twelve of the letter to the Romans (in the Bible) instructs us not to be conformed to the ways of this world, but to be transformed, by the renewing of our minds. Looking at these photos, I'm thinking transformation is a wonderful thing. I spent too long allowing my home to conform to the chaos that consumed my life. The renewing of my perspective has brought about an amazing, positive change, allowing my home to be used by God to show hospitality to others. Emerging from the chaos is about so much more than housecleaning, friends. It is about a transformation, a whole life makeover.

Oh, God, may my mind be renewed day by day by you and your word. May this renewal bring transformation to my life, that I may be available to serve you more and better reflect you to the world around me. I don't wish to be conformed to the ways of this world and the chaos it brings. I want to be transformed.

Transformers! It's indeed more than meets the eye.

Goals for Week Three, tomorrow. Journey on, friends.


alison said...

Everything is looking great! I just emerged from the 4 birthday parties/Homecoming/setting up homeschool/preparing for Breathe Writer's Conference tunnel and missed the beginning.

I'll be following along for the second half of the journey. I'm really excited for all of you.

Alana in Canada said...

Glad to hear your mother has stabilised. Scary stuff. Your living room looks fabulous. I'm glad you moved the blue chair out of that corner and brought the desk area down. Looks more like it belongs there!

Theology Mom said...

Seriously missing you on FB. Are you coming back?

Sherry C said...

Alison, nice to have you back. I'd love to hear how Breathe went this year. Thanks for being excited for us. Did you ever guess you'd be a cheerleader after all?

Alana, yes, my mom is doing well. Being sent home today (Monday) with some medication and a check up later. That blue chair (my father-in-law's, of course) was one blue chair too many and getting rid of it has made a world of difference.

Krista, I suppose I will return at some point, but in a much more limited capacity. I just have too many other things to do with my life. I'll check in with friends like you, but try not to just hover there, as I'm prone to do.

Sharla said...

Your "before" and "after" photos are wonderful! What a delicious difference! Reading ahead, I am really glad you are relishing the change by having people over. Increased community is a great reward for those of us who are extroverts. Enjoy the daily reward, also. Open a few cupboards today and just inhale the clean air!