Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10: Breathing Room

I didn't accomplish very much today.

Oh, I got up on time and fed my family a good breakfast on time and had Bible time around the table and got them going on their school work. I kept my kitchen clean and put a few things away and swept my newly uncarpeted floors. I brought in a little firewood and made the first fire of the season in the wood stove downstairs. I prayed for one of the women on my Twitter feed. I drove my daughter into town for volleyball practice and ran errands while I waited. I bought a new sofa cover and put it on the couch and bought a new (badly needed) blanket for my bed and then changed the sheets to make it up nice. I had a great conversation with my daughter about plate tectonics and another with my son about the rich history of Chinese civilizations and the depth of knowledge that the Chinese contributed to the European Renaissance. I picked up a few groceries. I did some important research and studying online. I chatted with a good friend on the phone. I prayed with my husband about some upcoming business decisions.

Funny how that doesn't seem like much anymore, since I've been working so hard this month. I guess I needed a little breather. Today marks a third of the way into this 31 Days project. Maybe it's an ok thing to cut yourself some slack once in a while when you've been working like a crazy woman--like a person who has an organized, orderly life, instead of a person who is accustomed to chaos.

It's ok. I don't feel bad and I won't beat myself up. I"ll get to bed at a decent time tonight, snuggled into my fresh, clean sheets and new blanket with the fire in the stove and I'll start afresh tomorrow. I think knowing when you need a rest and taking it is part of emerging from the chaos, too.

Rest well, friends. Goodnight.


Alana in Canada said...

Sounds like you had a great day! You did lots, really you did. It just wasn't all dramatic! Just routine, everyday stuff that needs to be done. Treading water. Keeps you from drowning. Good stuff.

Simply Sandi said...

Sherry! You deserve a break but it doesn't sound like you took one here. Although, it must be fun to get to relive an education now that (we) are old enough to really enjoy and value all the information.
One of my favorite chores is actually vacuuming. Now, I know you are getting all that carpet ripped up. But my point can still be made. When everything else is in it's place, and we are no longer tripping on the neat piles that nobody else understands but us, there is a great joy in the simple task of vacuuming. Why? Because all the progress that had to be made, just to get to that chore, is finished! And, satisfaction is still yours when the stripes have been swept into the carpet! In other words, there will come a day, Good Lord knows I am not there yet, but when that day arrives, all the major work is done. You won't have great big results, but you can still take joy in the impact you just made!!

Sherry C said...

Alana, I did have a great day--a relaxed and casual one. I'm actually really excited that a day that includes so much great stuff on paper feels pretty relaxed and routine for me now, what with my new found schedule and goals and all. That is progress, my friend.

Sandi, I totally get what you're saying about vacuuming. That has been a problem for me, having big kids that are plenty old enough to do chores, but to ask one of them to dust the living room requires an hour of straightening up first! MUST. MOVE. BEYOND. THAT! And I am. You will, too. But don't be too hard on yourself with a little one at home and a husband who works so much.