Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giving Up on the MOTY, Going for the MISC

I have been working on winning a MOTY (Mother of the Year award, of course) for so many years, but one thing after another keeps getting in the way. There was that one year that I missed the pick up for a scout's meeting by nearly an night. Then there was the year that I got pulled over for traffic or vehicle maintenance violations...three times in one week. Oh, and who could forget the year that I didn't believe my daughter's shoes were too small already and made her keep wearing them for weeks, thinking she was just faking it to get a different style...oh, her poor little cramped toes! It's always something, it seems, keeping me one step out of the running for a MOTY.

This year, I decided to ignore the nominating committee and distinguished panel of judges and just go for the MISC award instead (that would be the "Mom Is So Cool!" prize). My 14 year old son, shown here displaying the work of my own hands, has nominated me and I think I am in the finals round at this point. But even if I don't win a MISC award, the hugs and I-love-yous and long talks that I'm getting from him these days are totally worth it.

Who really needs a MOTY anyway? I say, when all else fails, lower your standards.

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OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Good for you! Worry about the big things that can go wrong in a Teen's life and not the little choices ~ like hair length, hair style and color, a pierced ear, a little tattoo etc etc etc!! Just keep those communication lines open!! I remember when our 14 yrs old son wanted new tennis shoes and he already wore a size 12 1/2 shoe. He want the turquoise blue canvas Converse shoes! My hubby said why didn't you get him white leather Adidas?? I said BECAUSE he wanted the turquoise Converse - no big deal! :-)) Pick your battles!