Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Trends

I have always been fascinated by design trends, particularly graphic design. Combine that with my love of words and I'm the rare kind of girl who can laugh out loud over a font joke like this great t-shirt or a graphics pun like this one.

So, here is my latest design trend observation: In reworking and redesigning my blog yesterday, adding graphics to links instead of just a boring list of text links, I noted that the vast majority of educational site graphics were done in shades of blue and green, mostly even the same tones of blues and greens. Then I noticed that my own blog's background, which I've had in place for a couple of years, is also the same color scheme. Why is this? Do they subtly suggest the colors frequently used in pictures of world globes? That's all I can come up with.

Scroll down my blog to see the link buttons and share your thoughts. But then, perhaps, these things don't make you lay awake at night like they do me.

[UPDATE 10/28/11: Changed up the color scheme of this blog. Now I don't match the trendy blue and green scheme anymore. Feels much better. These colors are much more 'me.'

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