Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming Soon, to a City Near You!


Our family.

The Chids.

No matter where you live in this big ol' US of A, we will probably be in your area at some point in the not too distant future--that is, unless we just got back from your neck of the woods.

We have been doing some limited traveling with The Woodworking Shows over the last three years, mostly in the northwest--Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Denver. Last year Andy added shows in Springfield, Mass. and Kansas City, but he just flew out to those by himself.

This year is shaping up to be different. We were hoping to do the shows in Dallas and Costa Mesa (So. Cal.) in October, but we had to skip those and catch up with shows #3, 4 & 5--Sacramento, Portland and Denver in November. While we were there, however, the show's owner decided that he seriously wants Andy as an instructor longer-term. He has been working hard at rounding up sponsors (mostly tool manufacturers) to back us so we can get a paycheck while we are out on the road.

We got home from the Denver show right before Thanksgiving and will now leave next week to do at least ten more shows, maybe 13. Seriously. We had no idea this was going to happen. As you can imagine, we are absolutely scrambling to get ready to go. There are a million details to work out and WE. LEAVE. NEXT. WEEK.

I don't have time to be doing this.

Here's the link to The Woodworking Show, which contains our basic travel schedule.

And here's the link to my son's travel blog, the official blog of our travels. Of course, I will write here, too, with perhaps a slightly different perspective.

More later, but maybe not until we are on the road and have time to think again.


Mister Ed T said...

Now if we could just get you north of the 49th! Hapy travelling.

Beth K. said...

Sherry, Can you email me? Please.