Thursday, October 21, 2010

Climbing St. Mary's Peak, By the Numbers

9,300 -The height of St. Mary's peak, above Stevensville, MT, in feet

6,900 -The altitude of the trailhead leading to the summit of St. Mary's, in feet

2,400 -The elevation gain, from trailhead to summit, in feet

4.5 -The length of the trail, each way, in miles

3,500 -The altitude of my home, in feet, defining the air my lungs are accustomed to breathing

120 -The rate of my heart for most of the trip up, in beats per minute

14 -The total number of people in our party

5 -The number of adults in our party

9 -The number of children in our party

2 -The number of adults who did not make it to the top (Great Uncle Joe and a dad who stayed with him)

0 -The number of children who did not make it to the top

1 -The age of the youngest child to reach the top, in years

4 -The age of the youngest hiker to reach the top without assistance, in years

2.5 -The time it took the fastest kids to reach the top, in hours

4 -The time it took the slowest adults to reach the top, in hours

360 -The view from the top of the mountain, measured in degrees

40 -The age of my legs, in years

11.5 -The average age of my children's legs, in years

18 -The number of muscles in my body that currently ache

0 -The number of muscles in my children's bodies that currently ache

365 -The number of days before I would consider attempting this hike again

1 -The number of days before my children would like to attempt this hike again

12 -The number of days worth of homeschool P.E. this should count for

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