Monday, August 02, 2010

Montana--What's in a Name?

I do enjoy using Google's news service. With it, I am able to scan headlines from all over the world and then choose which coverage of each event I want to read. If a tornado has touched down, for instance, in Kansas, I might choose to read the article written in the local Kansas City newspapers, as it will give much better coverage to the event than, say, the AP Newswire. If an article is controversial, then I might read it from several different perspectives to compare and contrast and in so doing, gain a more complete understanding of the issue.

Google News recently asked me if I would like to have a separate section devoted to only headlines which cover Montana. Great idea! I tend to ignore what is going on in my own state because, unless a grizzly bear has attacked someone, it rarely makes national headlines. I clicked 'yes.'

So now I have a section of Google news, entirely devoted to Hannah Montana, Joe Montana and most recently, Montana Fishburne's 'Chippy D' sex tape.

Oh, and there was another grizzly bear attack.

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Amber said...

That's awesome. Don't you love the internet?