Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just for the Record

I use this blog as a family history of sorts, so when I took my daughter shopping for tennis shoes yesterday and her choice made me smile, reminding me of similar funky choices I've made myself over the years, I thought perhaps I should record it for posterity's sake.

Here are the shoes my daughter fell hard for yesterday:

Sorry the photo isn't bigger. They are black suede with pink and purple tie-dye canvas and two different color laces. I think she would have slept in them last night if she could.

I'm glad she marches to her own drum. Shoot, she marches to her own full blown band. I admire her willingness to have her own style. From personal experience, I know it will make things difficult for her, but with some maturity, it will ultimately make things easier for her, to not feel the pressure to be just like everyone else. I like her shoes. I may steal them from time to time--they are my size, after all.

So, I was thinking back on my favorite shoes, through the years. Not all of them were funky or counter-cultural, but they were all shoes I loved and would wear again in a heartbeat. I searched for images of them online and found most of the ones I remember well.

I wore both of the shoes shown here until they fell apart. In fact, the bowling shoes, which I bought from La Mirada Lanes when it went out of business, were worn past the point of wearing out. I patched the holey leather soles with duct tape for another year or two, after they'd worn through.

This next photo will require a little bit of your imagination. This is the basic canvas deck shoe, but you have to picture little round patches, about an inch and a half in diameter, each portraying the classic 'smiley face' in a different color, scattered at random all over each shoe. I searched for a photo, but found nothing even close. I loved those shoes. I bought them when I was about eighteen years old and wore them until the canvas had more holes than smiley faces.
These next two are just shoes I loved as a teenager. They were popular styles, nothing out of the ordinary, but great. I remember going through many pairs of each.

Also on our shopping trip yesterday, the girl and I hit Goodwill, always a favorite. Every once in a while I find treasures among the shoe racks. Some of you may be weirded out by used shoes, but I've gotten over it--especially if they are good leather. Last year I found a pair of Danskos there that I love to wear in the winter. I was actually excited for some cold weather this week, so I'd have an excuse to pull them out again. Yesterday, I found a pair of Born slides that I love. They are a little funky and not exactly identical to the ones here, but pretty close--with laces on the sides instead of buckles, and in excellent condition. They are so comfortable and cozy. I will enjoy them this fall and winter, for sure.

What a worthless post. Fun anyway. Can you tell I have work to do that I'm avoiding?


Mister Ed T said...

Worthless yes, but entertaining non the less. Now my shoe collection: "Cowboy boots, Work boots," that says it all.

Amber said...

NOT worthless! I love shoes, too. And I find that shopping @ goodwill or other such stores helps me have more of them :)
I wore keds a lot as a kid. I loved the pure-whiteness of them and the effort it took on my part to keep them clean :)
Converse are my favorite. My first pair had red&white stripes with blue&white stars (flag-themed). I have a pair of hot-pink which have faded to almost-white. The insides have broken up and don't have much shape, but I can't give them up. I bought a pair of brown ones, but the pink are still my faves.
I love any shoe that I can just slide into and run. Especially with kids. I don't want one more shoe to tie!