Saturday, July 24, 2010

The List, Part Two

This is a list of incredible things I've done or experienced in my lifetime that I will never forget--things for which I will be forever grateful, or at least will never forget. For part one of this list, and to see the story behind the list, read "Like the Bucket List, Only Different--Very Different."

white water rafting on several different rivers

guiding a white water raft (gulp)

picking wildflowers at 11,000 feet

hearing an elk bugle

eating sweet and sour salt water crocodile

bottle feeding a baby bison

watching a herd of buffalo run on an open prairie

seeing incredible displays of the Northern Lights

hiking to the bottom of Bryce Canyon

getting into a seven car pile up accident on a slippery freeway

hearing a cougar scream

finding cougar tracks in front of my house (twice!)

taking inner-city kids tent camping

working as an ice cream scooper and a pizza slinger

working as a professional clown

driving from L.A. to Seattle and back in a weekend (20 hours each way)

touring the St. Paul Cathedral in St. Paul, Minnesota

listening to a pipe organ recital at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC

walking alone through numerous Civil War battle sites and cemeteries


traveling between Hong Kong and mainland China during the Tianamen Square massacre

being the first kid to try out the new spiral slide at the school playground

having a knife pulled on me by a drug-crazed young man at an amusement park

being in a car that was struck by a deer on the road and seeing his face and rack of antlers just prior to the moment of impact

petting a trained falcon, a friend's bird

standing in a field for half an hour, less than 20 feet from a great horned owl, both of us watching each other

driving across the Mojave desert in August with no air conditioning

being caught in a freak snowstorm in shorts and sandals for much of a day

watching the Harlem Globetrotters perform

running a 5K in Papua New Guinea to help support PNG's first ever Olympic athletes

being in a truck that slipped part way off a rickety bridge in PNG, then helping use a log from the jungle as a giant lever to get it back onto the tracks

being proposed to while in a gondola on a canal

displaying my work in art galleries (and selling pieces!)

learning to use early computers, before they were common (a special invitation for a few kids from my elementary school to bus over to the high school to learn to program the TRS-80)

buying many 15 cent ice cream cones as a teenager

getting stung all over my legs by blue bottle jellyfish, aka Portuguese Man-O-War

going Christmas caroling out in the snow (too many times to count)

That's enough for now. There will be more--much, much more. My life has been so rich.

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