Monday, June 07, 2010

The Upper Room Gallery

What do you think of the name?

The room above the woodworking shop is nearing completion. It will eventually be used as the kitchen/dining room for our school of fine woodworking, but it will also double as an art gallery.

This weekend it was close enough to done, and we opened it up to the public as part of the annual Artists Along the Bitterroot Studio Tour event. Andy has been an active member of AAB for a couple of years now and I joined up this year, too, so we were a "two-for-one" stop on the tour. We lined the walls with my photos on canvas and set up Andy's work on pedestals around the room, aimed the track lights well to show it all off, set out the goodies that Ellie baked, put up the signs and opened the doors. Over a hundred people browsed our little gallery over the two days of the event.

It was really fun. The people who came by were people who would go out of their way, would give up a Saturday or Sunday (or both) to look at fine art and chat it up with artists. That is a fun crowd of people! With most of my own friends, I tend to downplay the art side of things. I don't gush about how I feel about a particular image, or why I took it or what it does for my soul. With this crowd, however, that is exactly what they wanted, so I felt so free to gush, to tell the stories behind the images, to explain what I love about stretched canvas, to discuss the reasons for the titles I have assigned to various pieces and the quotations I have posted on the walls next to them.

Don't get me wrong--I absolutely adore my friends and treasure time spent with them. But this was different. In a way, I felt completely at home with these one hundred guests--most of them strangers--because a part of the real me that doesn't usually get to come out and play was free to do so this weekend. Does that make sense?

I guess at forty, I'm finally figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.


Anonymous said...

I really like the name -- it's so...perfect! Glad you had lots of people show up and a great time just getting to "play" with it all!

CML_Shearings said...

I think the name is perfect. You just remove the "r" for the Wood-working classes' "Upper Room Galley" & at art shows return the "r" to its place.

Mister Ed T said...

Glad you got to come out and play. And yes, it makes perfect sense!

Great looking gallery too.