Monday, June 28, 2010

A Small Collection of Encouragement and Challenge

My friend, Sharlene, has this habit of posting amazing words. I don't know if she is making them up herself or getting them from a book, but they are good. I've been collecting them to read and re-read, as often as necessary. For a slacker like me, that's quite often.

Read each one slowly and take time to digest.

His name: King: Our response: Worship, His name: Lord: Our response: Surrender, His name: Almighty: Our response: Trust, His name: Provider: Our response: Believe, His name: Shepherd: Our response: Rest, His name: Counselor: Our response: Listen, His name: Comforter Our response: Lean, His name: Keeper: Our response: Abide, His name: Eternal One: Our response: Hope

I was selfish, He poured in selflessness; I was unforgiving, He showered me with forgiveness; I was anxious, He replaced it with peace; I was weak, He filled me with strength; I was hopeless, He gave me purpose; I was arrogant, He drenched me in humility. What a gift to know He never gives up, turns away and loves unconditionally.

You are not alone, for God is with you. You are not inadequate, for God is your sufficiency. You are not useless, for God has a purpose for your life. You are not worthless, for God sent His Son to die for you. You are not without hope, for God has a place prepared for you. You are not unloved, for God loves you with a...n everlasting love. You are not rejected, or abandoned, for God calls you His own.

Child of God, how does He love you? With an everlasting love; a perfect love; a sacrificial love; an unfailing love; a steadfast love; a patient love; a forgiving love; an accepting love; an enduring love; a truthful love; a holy love; a gracious love; a love that reaches to the heights; a love that goes to the depths;... a love that calls you, woos you, draws you, keeps you, and holds you close to His heart.

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Excellent thoughts