Monday, May 24, 2010

Go Ahead--Steal My Personal Information

I looked myself up on Spokeo today, having been warned by many people how terrible it is that sites like this have scanned the internet and compiled all the personal information about us that they can find.

I have a very uncommon last name to begin with, so paired with my first name, there was only one listing that came up when I entered myself into their database. It was obviously me, with my home address and outdated phone number (we only use cell phones now), as found in any phone book.

So here's what any old privacy thief could find out about me, courtesy of

I am in my early 40's, a taurus astrologically. I have lived for the past four years in a middle class neighborhood in a home with no fireplace which was built in 2000 and has an estimated value of over $1 million. I have cats but no children, subscribe to magazines and am interested in home decorating and investment opportunities. My two sisters-in-law live with me as parents in my home.


In reality, I am just barely hanging on to my thirties (and am not a taurus). I have lived six years in a tiny house built in the 1970s in a rural farm community--and we heat with wood. I do have children, don't spend my time with magazines, home decor and researching investments, and don't live with my sisses-in-law. And I don't really care for cats.

I think I'll just leave the listing as is.

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CML_Shearings said...

You got me curious, Sherry. Spokeo has me listed as a male parent in my 60s under "Cary" & a female parent in my 60s under "Carolyn". We supposedly have 5 folks living in our single family home that is worth well over $300,000. We earn about $10,000 more than actual, etc. I am going to leave my profile as is, as well. I also would not trust this site for info. on anyone. That "shopping" is listed as one of my two interests is enough to cause my disinterest. I am definitely NOT a shopper & never have been.