Saturday, May 29, 2010

Artist Statement

For a gallery show that opens next weekend:

"I am a seeker of beauty and truth. Beauty is not always truthful, nor is truth always a thing of beauty. When I see the two meet, however, I strive to fill my frame with them, for in the joining of beauty and truth, there is art.

My eye is constantly scanning to point out beauty in the forgotten, the abandoned, the overlooked that has been rejected by most, in favor of the popular. The images I capture represent, to me, redemption, the assigning of value to that which has been devalued. They portray the weak shaming the strong, the lowly lifted above the exalted, the foolish communicating more wisdom than the wise.

It is my deep desire that these images stir something in you, that they blow the fresh breeze of truth through your soul. I hope they inspire you to deep conversation and I welcome your comments and questions.

Sherry Chidwick"

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