Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking In...

Really, I do still exist. I haven't blogged much in a while, as life has developed a nasty habit of demanding my attention from sun-up to long after sun-down every day lately.

I am all outfitted for photography finally, after a very rough couple of years fighting with broken equipment and no funds to replace anything. I am now taking photos left and right, getting up early and running to my car anytime the light is especially attractive. I have begun a new blog to showcase some of my best photos. You can view it here: Photography by Sherry Chidwick. I have a huge canvas being printed right now that I will stretch tomorrow for an event tomorrow night. Let's pray that it sells quickly. I am looking forward to doing a lot of canvas prints in the near future, as the opportunity arises. The "gallery wrapped" look is just so cool; look it up on line if you don't know what that is.

My gardens are looking nice this year, with the return of quite a few key perennials filling things in beautifully. They are colorful and cheerful, but have demanded a fair amount of my attention, as we decided to take some of the mounds of dirt from the construction site and use it to build some enormous landscape features in the yard.

Andy has been scrambling to find ways to make his woodworking profitable. Students for his classes have had to drop out at an alarming rate for a variety of reasons. One even died and his wife had to call and cancel. So sad. He is working with some maple burls that he picked up recently, making hand carved bowls and some free form sculpture. He will be putting them on display at an event this weekend.

School is out, sort of, although the kids both need more math and writing skills this summer. Unfortunately, the year ended with more of a whimper than a bang and it feels like it is still lingering on.

We were part of a big event two weekends ago, where a local artists' group (to which Andy belongs) hosted a huge gallery show and then each artist opened us his/her studio for the public to tour. It was a good event for a bit of exposure, although it didn't generate any direct sales, which would have been nice. The event is still in its infancy, so we expect it to be much better next year.

Both of us are having a great time spending our time on fairly artistic pursuits, but are trying to be smart about it, too. We like the term "artists," but not "starving artists."

Elli has done more baking and has even printed business cards. Tano has been busy with his new (old) GI Joe guys that he bought on Ebay with some of his earnings from the greenhouse. Every day they turn up in odd places around the house, poised for battle with one enemy or another. The kids are also busy with planning and beginning to build a cabin up on the back hill. I think they will actually do it. That would be so cool.

Tonight is the VBS parents' night presentation, so we are off to that soon. Tano has to stay home, as he is running a fever today. It is his last year to attend VBS, so he is sad to have missed out on 20% of the week, and hopes to go tomorrow. We'll see.

That's all for now.


Mister Ed T said...

With GI Joe guarding the fridge, you just may become a starving artist!

alison said...

I can't wait to see the picture.

Don't sweat the school going out with a whimper. Everyone I know feels guilty at the end of the year.

Eagle-eye Di said...

Your garden sounds pretty.Do you have a picture to show? Of course I could scroll down and see one as I ask.Love ya all.I will get in and see your pictures your taking soon.