Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

It was going to be breakfast in bed this morning, but I noted that Andy hit the snooze bar when his alarm went off. Sometimes, when he hits the snooze bar, he actually turns the clock off by mistake, so it always worries me, if I know he has something he needs to be doing. I had heard Elli's alarm go off earlier and she got up quietly and padded up the stairs. She had told me the night before that she would be getting up to make a card for me, so I wasn't surprised. I had also heard Dad C. get up and get himself breakfast. Andy hit the snooze bar again. I tried to remain groggy, but my brain was awake.

When he finally got up, it was way too late to get my nice breakfast made before we needed to leave for church, so I got up to help him, to hurry things along. I began flipping sausages and slicing up the cantaloupe, a little frustrated that I had to make my own Mother's Day breakfast, but still grateful for a loving husband, who at least thought to make such a feast for me.

Then I heard my bedroom door squeak open. I was confused for a moment at how I'd gotten from melon-slicing duty, back into my bed, but then the fog began to clear. Andy HAD gotten up on time. I had NOT joined in to help. That part had been a dream.

The squeak of the door was the family bringing me breakfast and a vase of freshly cut tulips (from the yard)in bed. It was wonderful. They all joined me in the bedroom and we enjoyed our feast together, laughing over memories of my years as a mother.

Later in the day, we went for a nice drive down the valley, all five of us, taking in the sights and stopping at the touristy candy store in Darby, the valley's southernmost town. We went up above Lake Como to see the trailhead where Andy and Tano had gone backpacking two years earlier.

Here are some photos from our drive and short hike:

These photos were taken just before we began to notice the ticks. If you look closely, perhaps you can spot some. I will spare you all the details, but there were quite a few. I lost count after three. Dozen. We were still finding them on us as we drove home. We found quite a few more when we got home and did the top to bottom, humiliating kind of check. It was uh...memorable.

"Hey Mom, remember the Mother's Day when..."

Note: We just found another one, tucking the boy into bed.

Overall it was a great day, but that last bit was a little crazy, for sure.

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