Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Knew?

I saw this on a website and just had to try it.

Place two or three eggs in a ziploc sandwich bag and shake them up a bit. Add a handful of diced ham, some bell pepper, salsa, shredded cheese, whatever you like. Close the bag securely and toss it into a pan of water on a low boil. Leave it there for ten minutes or so and then empty contents of bag onto a plate. Let it sit for two or three minutes and behold, you've made the world's easiest omelet, one that can be prepared at home or over a campfire.

It works. Amazing. Let everyone select their own toppings and make them all at the same time. Brilliant.


Mister Ed T said...

Do you crack the eggs first?

Amber said...

Seriously. Cookbook. Look into it. Maybe a devotional cookbook. I don't know, but it might be fun!

"How to cook for 20 people in under 30 minutes while kneeling at the feet of Jesus!"

Think about it.

Dusitn & Amy said...

Hey Sherry,

It's Amy (Hannan) Ruth, I pop over to your blog here and there, fun to keep up with your family.

Not to be a naysayer, but I know heating plastic isn't generally a good idea. I don't know all the ins and outs of this, but you might want to check into a bit more. I had heard of this, and read that Ziploc has issued a statement that this practice is not covered under their "intended use" disclaimer.

I'm sure the Chidwick clan isn't going to get cancer from Ziploc toxins - but I thought it wouldn't to mention what I had just read.


Dan said...

This technique is used by top chefs all around the world. It's called sous vide cooking, and usually entails vacuum bags. Apparently salmon cooked this way, at a slow, low temperature is the best way you can eat it. None of the juices escape, particularly when it's vacuum sealed. Pretty fascinating, but I always have been concerned with the possibility of chemicals from the plastic getting into the food. Occasionally, I can't imagine it would hurt.

Sherry C said...

Good call, Amy. Readers, proceed with caution.

Bekah said...

Hey Sherry,
Don't know if you remember me, I'm Chad's sister-in-law. We tried this last fall and it worked great. It's a really fun way to have breakfast with a group of people. I don't know about the whole heating plastic but once in a while it's worth it. Any, you'll have to try it some time when you have a group together, everybody gets there own personal creation!
Bekah (Pruitt) Oliver