Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three Birds, One Stone

The Birds:

1. Drake, the bright, energetic and tireless dog who desires to play and play and play, acting more like a one year old pup than the middle aged dog that he actually is. It should be noted that Draker-Boy gets insanely jealous of anything his younger step-brother (mentioned below) enjoys or is praised for.

2. Fudge, the young, roundish dog who really doesn't care much for exercise, but loves pine cones more than life itself. The only exercise that Fudge the Pudge cares for is that which involves pine cones. Fortunately, our property is covered with ponderosa pine and yields an unending supply.

3. Elliana, the slightly hyperactive human child whose behavior and general demeanor is greatly improved with several large blocks of very strenuous exercise each day (good thing we educate at home). The more, the better. We have never actually seen the child get worn out.

The Stone:

A pine cone, tied to a string dangling from a stick, fishing pole-style, created by Elli.

Can you picture the scene with the girl running around the yard at top speed, the pine cone bait bouncing and flying behind her, with the two dogs yapping and jumping and chasing behind?


Anonymous said...

I can see it. A great way to exercise them all.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Patricia just reminded me that our little niece was too pooped to pokey by the end of our wedding reception... ;)