Monday, February 23, 2009

Sadie Hawkins

I never attended a Sadie Hawkins dance when I was in school. I wasn't ever much interested in the school dance scene. I went to two proms, a boyfriend's and my own, but just wasn't really into it--probably because I didn't like to dance. I heard about the Sadie Hawkins events, of course, and knew they were girl-ask-guy events, but didn't know where the name came from at all.

Until this last week.

Andy's Dad's square dancing class decided to hold a Sadie Hawkins event and invite other square dancing classes/clubs to join them for the evening. Turns out, Sadie Hawkins refers back to the Lil Abner comic strip of a day gone by. It is a very complicated story line, and I won't go into it here, but Dad C. was very excited to dress up as Lil Abner for the event.

His friend and square dancing partner, Dianne, with whom he goes dancing twice a week, was not quite as enthusiastic about having to brazenly ask men to dance all evening, but she went along with it and even came in a costume of sorts.

Dad C. just got home from the big event, all smiles. It was a great evening, with nearly a hundred square dancers in attendance and lots of people in costume from the original comic strip. He and Dianne had a great time.

It is so nice to see him smile and laugh again.


Dan said...

That's great to hear. It's nice to know he's smiling again! The passage of time is one of the greatest gifts from God...and it's good to hear about joy after sorrow, always.

Mister Ed T said...

Give Li'l Abner, and Dianne, a hug for me.