Monday, February 02, 2009

The List

Still way behind on blogging. The list from a couple of weeks ago is still hanging over my head. I would just let it go, but this blog serves as a bit of a living family history for us, so I really do want to eventually write about these things. Here are a few tidbits, at least:

The saga of the Hood River News letter to the editor (this one, I MUST write about)--still to come, this one will take a long time.

Adventures in our ice-bound yard, driveway and road--yes, we are still ice-bound here, even though we've had several days lately up into the 40's. We spin out frequently and the kids think it's great fun, cheering like they're on a roller coaster and begging to take corners too fast. It's helping the boy with his math, as he's getting quite skilled at estimating the degrees of our spin-out. Leaving the driveway today and turning down the slight hill onto our road, we did a 270.

Anne of Green Gables, and the ushering in of The Romantic Period--Grandpa Tom bought Elli the set of CD's for Christmas and all of a sudden, everything is "so romantic!"

The sudden and tragic death of Kaedra--an old friend from Long Beach, our age, was playing volleyball on the beach with her church family when she very suddenly dropped to the sand, instantly dead from a massive heart attack. She leaves behind a loving husband and two sweet little girls. Crazy tragic. If any of you saw Andy in Fiddler, she was part of that cast.

Ice skating with Elli--The girl and I have only been once together--her first time to skate ever, but she is an absolute natural, and we plan to go quite a bit more. She held on to my hand for about the first thirty seconds and was fine after that, falling only a few times, and never badly. She was amazing.

Andy's adventures with the news media, both in print and on TV--the good, the bad and the ugly--We were interviewed for a feature article in a local paper. The reporter came out to our shop and seemed very professional, but surprised us with her lack of polish and skill when it came to writing the actual article. It was good to be in the paper like that, and we have seen quite a bit of action from that article, but I'm glad her name was at the top and not mine. Also, Andy was called in for an interview on a local morning television show, on the NBC affiliate station. The interview was rushed, only three minutes long, and while he was on the screen, the caption at the bottom of the screen ran with his name, the business name and the name of the website...but misspelled. Nice. It directed traffic to another existing website. Oh well, at least it aired at 6:20 AM, so not many people saw it, we hope.

Somebody has a girl's phone number in his pocket--Andy's dad signed up for square dancing classes and decided to ask a friend, a widow lady who happens to be my friend's mother, to join him. He called my friend's husband, to see if he thought his mother-in-law would be interested, and he talked to his wife, who called her mom. She said she would be interested, so the message and her cell phone number were passed back to him through the same chain. Finally, with the assurance that she would probably say yes, Dad C. called Mrs. D. It felt like seventh grade, somehow, but it was very sweet.

The endless pot of split-pea soup--turns out my family doesn't really care all that much for split-pea soup. Wish I'd known that before I made several gallons of it.

Elli's new volleyball class--she is digging it, pun fully intended.

Somebody called the girl...and she said 'yes'--Dad C. and Mrs. D. now go dancing together twice a week. They are both having a really nice time. It's nice to see them enjoying some companionship and fun.

That will have to do for now. More to come. I'm almost back to the present!

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