Thursday, February 12, 2009

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers?

Ok, I have had fun with these meme things on Facebook. I have enjoyed reading the twenty-five random things of others; heck, I’ve even written more than my required share, but the newer ones now that are spreading around are really starting to scare me. They seem to be less about laughing about each others' quirky behavior and more about personal information that could be used to easily steal someone's identity.

I saw one today about your high school experience. It asks you to list not only the full name of your high school, but the year you graduated, where you worked then compared to where you work now, and what kind of car you drove then as compared to now.

Another one I saw today was about making silly nicknames for yourself with funny combinations of other names from your life, like your current street name, the name of your pet, your middle name, the first 3-5 letters of your last name, the city you were born in, and yes, even your mother’s maiden name.

It is absolutely terrifying to me that people are willingly posting these bits of information on the internet for all to see.


Mister Ed T said...

I agree. Thanks for speaking up and being heard

AmberJ said...

I never would have thought about it! Yup, I'm one of the naive ones. Can you see info on someone else's profile if you're not approved? I don't know, but you make a great point!