Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Baker's Dozen Bonus

Ok, this is a little embarrassing, actually, but I apparently find myself amusing enough that I thought of more things that I would have added to my List of 25 Random Things, after I'd posted it. At first, I thought I'd just ignore them, but then I decided that I've been enjoying reading other people's lists so much, that maybe I should start one more meme, a bonus list, in hopes that other people might also write a few more for my amazement and amusement. So here goes:

A Baker's Dozen--13 Bonus Facts About Me You Didn't Ask For or Need

Tag people and all that, if you are interested. At least it makes people aware that the list is there to read.

1. I was the undisputed BMX distance bike jumping champion of my neighborhood, as an eleven year old. My Schwinn Slick Chick with the knobby tires served me well. The next door neighbor boy (my secret crush) was my biggest rival. He crashed his bike, badly breaking his arm, in a desperate attempt to beat me.

2. I have only dyed my hair once, a dark coppery red color that was supposed to help me pull out of my own personal Great Depression about eight years ago. It didn’t help, but I still liked it.

3. I don’t plan to cover my grey. I think grey is kind of cool. But if my genetics hold true, I probably won’t go grey until I am in my sixties.

4. I buy almost all of my clothes at thrift shops.

5. I cannot fall asleep if my feet are cold.

6. I love to build a fire, be it a campfire or a burn pile, in the fireplace or the woodstove.

7. My nickname for much of high school, mostly among my softball friends and their friends, was Ube (YOO-bee). By the time I was a senior, many underclassmen didn’t have any idea that Ube wasn’t my given name.

8. My junior high graduating class had 27 students. My high school graduating class had 1,050.

9. I love to go to minor league baseball games, even preferring them over major league.

10. My favorite combination of flavors is chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut. It makes me swoon.

11. I was a natural blonde until my freshman year in college.

12. I once went on a date with two guys at once and thoroughly enjoyed watching them good-naturedly compete for my attention. Both of them will probably read this for gratefully, I can count both as friends today.

13. I think the station wagons from 1963-64 are just about the coolest vehicles ever made, and one of my many impossible dreams is to someday own one.

Aren't you so glad that I have educated you on these completely useless facts about me?


Mister Ed T said...

cold feet and not sleeping is scientifically proven! Station wagon, who know, it could happen.

AmberJ said...

#10! Me, too! That is cool...although I am slowly gravitating towards cinnamon & chocolate & coffee...mmmmmm....