Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Birthday Boy

This first photo was taken ten years ago. The other two were taken today, while I wrote this post.

Happy Birthday, son.

I can't believe you are twelve. I remember twelve, and I remember the boys in the sixth grade. If I were magically twelve again somehow, I would want to be your friend; you are a sixth grade boy I would respect and want to hang out with.

You have grown up so nicely. I enjoy spending time with you because you are just such a cool kid. Your sense of humor slays me. Your compassion humbles me. Your intellect often stumps me. Your smile melts me. I love you, Tano.

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Mister Ed T said...

Happy Birthday Tano! Thomas and Mikayla had their 10th birthday party yesterday. Also, yesterday my brother Bill's gandson Calvin was 12 and my brother Ted's grandson Theron was 7. Lots of birthdays.