Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Sherry

Ok, I was tagged by Mary Spickler on Facebook for this one, and I have been so entertained reading other peoples' 25 Things that I decided to play along. Here goes:

1. I was a very tall child, a full head taller than all the other kids, and I used my size to intimidate the other kids. I would often threaten to beat kids up who teased me--and there were many reasons to tease me, so there were many threats made. I don't know if I could have ever thrown a punch, but I looked big enough that everyone backed down so I never had to follow through.

2. When I was a kid, my favorite place to hang out in the summer was up in the branches of a tree. In the winter, I liked to hang out in snow forts I'd built in the yard.

3. As a kid, three of my favorite snacks were sliced banana in a bowl of milk and sugar, leftover white rice in a bowl of milk and sugar, or tomato slices sprinkled with salt guessed it--sugar.

4. In college, a common lunch or dinner on the go, if I was in a big hurry, was a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich with sliced bananas and Captain Crunch cereal in it. On whole wheat, of course.

5. My very first job was at a Baskin-Robbins. I have a thing for ice cream.

6. I've never had any cavities.

7. I was born in Michigan and had no idea I had an upper Midwest accent until I moved to Southern California in junior high school and was teased about it. It went away VERY quickly at that point.

8. When I moved to Long Beach, California, I didn't really know how to swim. Hmmm...that was an immediate problem, since all kids wanted to do was hang out at the beach and body surf. My self-taught crash course nearly resulted, several times, with me getting to meet one of the cute lifeguards--the hard way.

9. I started riding the city bus to school in the seventh grade and to this day, I love to ride all forms of public transportation.

10. I love to ice skate, but can't stand just going around and around the oval of an artificial rink. And yet, if I could have been a professional athlete, I would have been a speed skater. I know that seems rather inconsistent, but it's true. I guess I just don't care much for casual skating around a rink. I like speed.

11. I gave up coffee and most other forms of caffeine four years ago and have never felt better.

12. I competed in public speaking my senior year in high school and did very well. Then, as now, whenever I speak, I don't get nervous until AFTER I leave the platform. I tremble and shake and lose all confidence. It's so stupid.

13. I love to buy food from street vendors in foreign countries. Here in the U.S., I prefer restaurants where none of the staff speaks much English. Any other language will do.

14. The hardest class I took in high school was Honors Anatomy and Physiology. It was also my favorite class. Chemistry was my second hardest class and my least favorite.

15. I thought seriously about piercing my navel six years ago, had a place and a time all picked out and everything, but I got food poisoning the day I was going to do it and spent a couple of days throwing up--then just lost interest.

16. I have a terrible sense of direction and have learned to just go the opposite direction of whatever feels right to me.

17. I cannot play racket sports, like tennis or racquetball. Cannot. No really, a high school boyfriend who loved racquetball (you know who you are) tried to teach me to play racquetball to no avail. Qualified tennis pros (several) have tried to teach me tennis and concluded, sadly, that swinging a racket is just not for me. I have no problem effectively swinging a baseball bat and can even manage with a golf club, but I lose all coordination when you put a racket in my hands.

18. When I was in high school, I was very into 80's Christian punk music. Yes, there was such a thing. I went to concerts a couple times a month.

19. I wish I could play the cello. Or anything. But especially the cello.

20. I wasn't interested in Andy when we first met, but he had tickets to a concert I wanted to go to, so I agreed to go out with him.

21. I was proposed to on a Gondola in Naples. Ok, so it was Naples, Long Beach, but it was still terribly romantic.

22. I love a good road trip, anywhere for any reason, the longer the better.

23. I have spent two different summers in the Philippines and one summer in Papua New Guinea, as well as one summer working at a summer camp for inner city kids in Pennsylvania.

24. I used to be a public high school teacher.

25. I never thought I would educate my kids at home. Never.


Carol-Ann. said...

Well, I do follow this blog through bloglines and enjoy the unusual things I often find here -- like competitive pitching to win free seats at ball games ... and fencing!

But I have come over to your actual page tonight because of your remark about the cello!

Sherry! About five years ago I must have read something about your passion to play the cello!

OK, I can't resist.

If, five years ago, this passionate dream had been a passionate pursuit, you would now be playing solos in Church on a Sunday morning!

Have you looked at your hands recently? Thems are cello-playin'-finger-lengths, thems are!

Have you searched for a cello online? Ahem, your man could MAKE a cello!

All joking aside, a cello should be in your hands. We should always pay close attention to the desires of our hearts since we serve the One Who has told us that He is the Giver of Desires of the Heart.

Never say it is too late to start. Yes, if you lived in Toronto and wanted to perform in Roy Thompson Hall or the Hummingbird Theatre, you should have started years ago. But if you want to play mellow love songs to your honey or stir the heart of God through learning to bow a rich tone strengthened by the even pulse of a confident vibrato, then it is NEVER too late to start!

Yes, instruments are costly and, as parents, how can we justify spending so much on our own dreams. May I suggest you click hereto broaden your dream. There are two interesting pairs of hands in this picture -- check out the smaller pair.

Waiting to see what wonderful things come through this unquenchable desire to play the cello!

AmberJ said...

A PB/Strawberry jelly/Captain Crunch/banana sandwich? I'll take your word for it.

Mister Ed T said...

Instersting stuff.