Thursday, November 20, 2008


We had two surprise guests pull up in the driveway this week. Earlier this week, my Uncle Bill and his son, my cousin Logan, came for a visit. I hadn't seen Logan for five years--a long time for a teenage boy. He is a handsome and personable young man now, an Army National Guardsman preparing for his unit's deployment to Iraq. It was great to reconnect with him. Here he is with the kids:

Just a bit ago, another car pulled up and out came my Grandpa and my Aunt Colleen, whom the kids call "Auntie Grandma." We had a really nice visit, albeit too short. When we went outside to say good-bye and take a photo, she noticed that Tano was showing off on his pogo stick. She immediately handed me her own camera and took the stick out of the boy's hands, climbed aboard, and shed several decades. Take a look:


Eagle-eye Di said...

I would have loved to have been there to have been in one of the vehicles to surprise you and join in the fun.Happy to hear you connected with family.Love one and all.

AmberJ said...

Oh that I will ever look that graceful on a pogo stick!

Laura said...

I'm guessing your Aunt Colleen is related to your Mom, right? They look a lot alike.

Sherry C said...

Auntie D,

How fun it would have been to have you here, too! How long since you've been on a pogo stick?


My son makes it look so easy; he pogos (pogoes?) no-handed.


It doesn't take a detective, does it? Aunt Colleen and my Aunt Diane, above, are my moms sisters, the twins. Those two are only a year younger than my mom, so they grew up almost like triplets, sharing everything. They are a riot when we can get all three of them together. Now, to have all three of them plus a pogo stick, now that would be fun.

Mister Ed T said...

Yeah, she does look graceful. She's always loved pogo sticks. I think that's her best performance ever! Wondered what all my wife would be doing while she was down there, but I never expected this.

And your comments. I laughed out loud. All three sisters and a pogo stick, now that would be volatile.

Eagle-eye Di said...

I'm in for the threesome of us on pogo sticks.What fun it would be.On the other hand we would probably be laughing so hard we wouldn't be pogoing long before falling onto the ground.When annette and I garage so during the summer,I come across quite a few of them.One of them I jumped on and Annette went into hysterics.I always loved the pogo stick.Love ya,.