Monday, November 17, 2008


I just accidentally erased all the photos saved in my phone. All of them. I've had this same phone for more than three years. I don't know how it happened. I was erasing a few photos that my kids had taken to clear up some memory space. I've done this before. Many times. Then, all of a sudden, a screen popped up confirming that I'd erased all my photos. I scrambled through my settings. There were no saved photos anywhere.

I am feeling completely technology incompetent--a feeling I'm not entirely accustomed to or fond of.

First, my original laptop crashed two years ago. It was not my fault that it crashed, but it is my fault that I had not backed up all my photos. I lost a lot of files--big chunks of our family history.

Then, my camera went down about a year ago. My really nice camera. I still don't even know if it is fixable. When necessary, I shoot with Andy's little point and shoot, but its quality seems to be deteriorating. It can't handle low light like it used to, and the flash doesn't seem to carry very far anymore.

Also about a year ago, I got a new laptop. I loved it. It is currently down--has been for a couple of months now. I sensed the crash coming and backed up all my files, fortunately, except for my Outlook inbox. All I lost was my e-mails. And the use of my computer--we don't own a desktop.

So tonight I lost all the photos in my camera. I know they weren't great quality photos, but still, they were mine. They were memories. They are irreplaceable.

I feel like a deflated balloon.


FunKiller said...

Technology is a fickle mistress. Four years ago I was gifted a first generation iPod mini. It finally died three days ago. Last year we mourned the loss of our video camera and the potential to film the boys growing up.

I know misery does not love company. I hope all else is well with you.


alison said...

I'm sorry, Sherry. That stinks.