Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Geez, Like Give Me a Heart Attack or Something!

Let me start by saying I am fine--but I didn't have that same confidence yesterday.

For the past few weeks, I have noticed that my heart has been beating irregularly, quite a few times a day, sometimes only for a few minutes, sometimes for close to an hour at a time. It started as just a bit of a nuisance, but began to be more frequent. It was enough to be a big distraction to me, and grew increasingly disturbing. I had not wanted to bother Andy with it, knowing that an irregular heartbeat doesn't necessarily mean much on its own, and he had enough of his own stress to deal with. But last week, I finally told him, just so he wouldn't be taken totally by surprise if things got more serious.

Sunday night, things got more serious.

Monday night, just after midnight, things got more serious yet. I had a very sudden wave of physical weakness and mental unease wash over me, bringing with it some slight nausea, a rapid, fluttery heartbeat, shortness of breath, a sense of heaviness in my chest and tingling down my left arm with numbness in my hand. I was filled with a sense of dread, like something was about to happen, and had trouble concentrating. It was pretty scary.

The symptoms came and went several times over the next couple of hours. Tuesday morning, I felt better, but still generally weak and my chest still felt heavy and a little tight. We decided I'd better go in.

The emergency room staff hooked me up to every machine imaginable. An EKG found nothing--no record of heart attacks. A chest x-ray found nothing. The cardiologist interviewed me at length and sent me down to the heart center for a heart catheter to inject the colored dye and all that. It showed nothing.

Nothing seems to be wrong with my heart. It could all just be a physical manifestation of stress. I was sent home with a prescription for a beta-blocker that should regulate my heartbeat. I was also instructed to lessen my stress load and see if that helps. In addition, because of the catheter that was put into my femoral artery, I have to take it pretty easy for a few days to let the incision heal properly. You really don't want to pop open a wound like that.

So that's my story.

Life is a grand adventure.


K Murphy J said...

Oh, I am so glad that it wasn't worse. Not that the experience sounds good. Horrible, in fact. :(( Do the doctor's have any idea what it might have been, if not a heart issue? I'll keep praying for you.

FunKiller said...

Prayers on our end will flow your direction. Stress does the strangest things to our body. Enjoy the holiday and rest.


Anonymous said...

Mom said she had talked to you on the phone, and I needed to read your blog. Scary stuff, and I should know. Glad you went in to get it checked out. That is not something to play with. Also glad they did not find anything. With all the tools available, they can usually find out if there is a serious problem. I know how disconcerting all the thoughts are that race through your mind when something like that is happening. I will be praying that you get some rest, relief of stress, and God's peace.
Love you,

Mister Ed T said...

Glad you are AOK! My diagnosis is that is was brought on by "Antie Grandma" on the Pogo Stick. In our prayers.

Dan said...

Glad you're alright. I think you'll find the beta-blockers will mellow you out quite nicely. It's the secret weapon of musicians the world over to help them get through stressful performances, yours truly included. They have a remarkable ability to calm down someone who's going through stress. I highly recommend them!

Team Sponski said...

Oh, Sherry,I am so sorry...and so glad everything has checked out ok so far. You will follow up with a cardiologist? Did they put you on atenolol or metoprolol? These will make you feel tired...but should keep your heart rate on the lower side...They can adjust your dose with you if you are feeling really wiped out. I am pryaing for you girlie.

Love, MB

Sheila said...

Scary. Glad you went in. Lower your stress, ok . . . let us know how THAT goes . . .

Eagle-eye Di said...

Sherry,don't ever mess around with anything like this.You should have never waited like you did to get in and get checked out.We love you too much to have you end up in serious danger or dead from waiting.

strider1971 said...

I agree with eagle eye. don't mess around like that again. it is serious while I am praying you get rest and all works out well don't wait so long next time to get it checked out i love you to much to see anything happen.