Monday, October 20, 2008


When Elliana learned to crawl, she very quickly earned the nickname "Turbo." I'm telling you, that girl could cover ground like you wouldn't believe. For quite a while, in fact, she answered better to "Turbo" than she did to her own name.

Fast forward.

The girl still has a fairly high energy level. Can I get an amen from those of you who know her well? So all day today, she was bouncing and wiggling and generally making me crazy. She was REALLY wound up. When we started to get back at our school work after the class luncheon, she was still so bouncy that I was ready to snap.

Instead, I joked that she needed to run up the back hill a few times before she sat down with her school books.

"Really? Can I?" Her perky little face lit up and her fingers tapped on the table as she rose up onto her tiptoes.

I guess I wasn't kidding after all. I told her I would write out three options while she went to put her shoes on and she would draw one and have to do whatever it said. Thrilled, she ran downstairs for shoes. I reached for paper and pencil and scratched out the following:

1. Run up the back hill, grab a rock from the gravel pit up there, run back to the front porch, deposit your rock on the porch and then repeat this two more times.

Have you seen the back hill? Alrighty then.

2. Run six laps completely around the house.

As our house is a mess of construction right now, this is actually quite a long way.

3. Run to the mailbox, get the mail, and run all the way back.

This is a distance of just over half a mile, part of it uphill.

As she laced her shoes, I wondered which fun little activity she would draw.

She drew number two, running six laps around the house. I pushed her out the door and encouraged her to count laps on her fingers as she ran. I watched from my post at the kitchen sink as the flash of her red pants and red shirt went past me again and again. I was anxious to see her stumble back into the house, panting and sweating. I guess I have a bit of a mean streak in me.

The front door flew open. "Ok, Mom, I did it. Can I draw again?" Same perky face, albeit somewhat flushed, same tapping fingers and toes.

I bade her draw. Number one, three stones from the gravel pit, one at a time. She ran back out the door and disappeared around the corner of the house.

The front door flew open again. She was panting, but none deterred. "Can I do the last one, too?" she asked, breathlessly, but with much enthusiasm.

I hated to spend so much school time on this, but clearly the girl was not done.

She bolted down to the road and headed for the mailbox. Drake, the big, bright dog, sat down on his haunches and watched her run, aware that he was not allowed to accompany her if it involved leaving the property. He remained motionless, staring intently at the bend in the road, waiting for her to reappear.

Her pace was slow as she approached this time and she dragged herself up the steps and into the house wheezing and red-faced.

"Ok," she panted, "I think I'm done."

She collapsed onto the couch with her school books and got right to work.

Indeed, the little Turbo was finally spent.


Mister Ed T said...

I can just picture it! I'm sure it paid off in the long run. If only we could tap into tht energy when we are drained....

Eagle-eye Di said...

Hyperactivity runs in the family.It can tend to wear you out at times.Actually that was a good way to calm her down for alittle while.

AmberJ said...

Running laps...hmmm...may need to give that a try for my three-almost-four-year-old.

strider1971 said...

sounds good and where do they get this energy. if i knew i would tpa into it and would then bottle it and let you all have a share of the profit

K Murphy J said...

You know this is brilliant!!! A perfect combo of physical education and classroom education. :) Plus it doesn't surprise me at all that the girl can't keep the wiggles still. Perhaps long-distance running is in her future. :) (Or just sprinting? Or even mall-walking in 60+ years. lol.)