Thursday, October 23, 2008


True, making thirty burritos a few weeks ago was time consuming. But pulling the second half of that batch out of the freezer this morning, lining up the shiny foil packages on a pan and popping them in a warm oven was about the easiest main dish I've ever made. And they were delicious--even better the second time. Added to that were the leftover Spanish rice (also frozen), a huge green salad, fresh fruit kabobs and blackberry iced tea--a hot, hearty and attractive meal for eight, five of them men. So easy.

Monday, I did the same with a pan of lasagna. Tuesday, it was chicken, already roasted, that just needed thawing and reheating. Tomorrow I do have to make something from scratch, but then on Monday another casserole comes out of the freezer.

I need to do this often, much more often than just when we have a class going. I am going to start making food in very large quantities and freezing. I have even been feeling the urge to prepare food when none is immediately needed. Whenever I find a spare hour or two and am feeling restless, I find myself wandering out the to kitchen and finding something to make ahead. My kitchen. By choice. Crazy.

But the benefits are tremendous.

No standing, fretting, in front of open cupboards and fridge.

Thaw,heat and eat.

I'm sold.

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Eagle-eye Di said...

A very good conclusion to your finding your way out to the kitchen when your restless.Of course I might sit down a read a book.Your idea is very beneficial for around meal time when you just feel like something simple and easy.You give some very good suggestions in your blog without realizing it.Love ya and have a restfull weekend.