Sunday, October 19, 2008

In Preparation for Another Day One

We start the next woodworking class tomorrow, so I am spending the evening assessing the food situation. I have all of my breakfast baking completed. ALL OF IT.

We will have carrot bread twice, pumpkin cream cheese muffins twice, marbled chocolate banana bread twice, apple walnut coffee cake twice, blueberry mini-loaves once and basic donuts once.

Tomorrow's lasagna is thawing.

I'm basically repeating the same two-week menu as before and am feeling ready this time, so I won't be obsessing about it here on the blog like I did last time.

Here we go, kids.


AmberJ said...

Obsess away! Your posts were yummy! Well, they sounded yummy...

Mister Ed T said...

Way to go! Hope all goes well.

Eagle-eye Di said...

New class should come up with at least one new receipe.Make each week different with a new found attempted receipe.Go for it girl!We love you all and wish all well for the new class week.