Friday, October 10, 2008

Get Out the Vote!

Hey, all you responsible citizens! Do you find yourself wising there was another option for November's ballot? I hate to get all political on you, and election issues rarely come up on my blog, but this brief video is worth your time. It's a long shot, but it just might work.

Thanks, Tom, for the video; this is hilarious.


Sherry C said...

...and if elected, I promise to push for new legislation that gives every household in America equal access to daily fresh baked goods for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Got my vote. I always wanted to be 1st dad. While you are at it, can you run for two offices at the same time? There has been so much mud slinging in the Oregon Senate race that an unknown out of state person would have a very good chance of getting elected.

Great platform. After reading your blog for the past two weeks, I am ready to sign up for the next class. You know my woodworking skills, but forget the chair, I want all the meals and snacks. Hope you took pictures of the meals to put on the website. That should fill the next class a few times over.

love you (and good luck on your run for office)

Mister Ed T said...

Where do you find time to campain between those awesome meals? If i could, I'd vote for you.