Friday, October 10, 2008

Day Twelve

We did it. The class is over and the student's chair is beautiful. He had a wonderful experience all around and saying good-bye to him and his lovely wife actually involved genuine hugs of friendship.

The final lunch today consisted of a platter piled high with French dip sandwiches on sourdough rolls, au jus for dipping, crash hot potatoes, baked beans, fresh fruit kabobs, iced tea and more of the German apple cake with fresh cream.

It was a strong finish to a great two weeks.

As soon as lunch was over and I had put away the leftovers, I stumbled to my car to drive over to Nance's house to teach Shakespeare. I was really tired and the let-down of it all was setting in, but I had a job to do. After that and choir practice, I wearily made my way back home and wandered into the kitchen to put dinner together.

The dishes were done.


God bless my dear father-in-law.

We will rest up this next week and get a few things ready for winter and for the next class.



alison said...

What are "we" having today?

AmberJ said...

I just emailed you another stew recipe. Even if you don't use it on your recipe blog-thingy, use it for your family. it's really easy and YUMMY.